Top Five Tuesday: January Favorites!

I'm linking up with Rachel over at Just Peachy for another Top Five Tuesday link-up! This week the theme is January favorites. Needless to say, it was very difficult for me to narrow down my list to just five but somehow I managed. Read on to see the top five things that made the cut!

1. Beauty and the Beast in 3D
I was so excited to see my second favorite fairy tale in theaters again. I looooved it! I ended up going a few weekends ago for a girls night out... there was no chance that the hubby was going with me! haha Now, if they'll just release Cinderella in 3D, this would be one very happy girl!

2. Damask Tumbler
As a teacher, I find that I always need to have a beverage close by. I never know when my throat will suddenly go dry or when a coughing fit will randomly emerge. So when I saw these cute monogrammed, damask tumblers with lids and a straw in our school colors, I purchased one for each of my grade-level team. I knew it was something they could use daily and  it was a gift I'd be willing to receive (hint: I never give a gift I would not be willing to get!). I don't know what I was thinking but I did not purchase myself one. I guess while standing in line I rationalized that I had numerous other tumblers at home so I did not need to add another to my collection. However, when school resumed in January and my three teammates sipped their cold drinks at lunch with their cute cups, I just couldn't stand it so I went out immediately and bought myself one! I am so thankful that I did because I use it almost every day. It's so much easier to deal with than my other tumblers. It's amazing the difference a simple plastic straw can make!

3. Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad
I tried one of Maybelline's eyeshadow quads at the end of last year and fell in love with it. Since the beginning of the year, I've accumulated several different quad packs. I love mixing and matching the colors. I wear Chai Latte or Designer Chocolates on a daily basis. I also have the Plum Smokes and Natural Smokes that I wear for nights that I go out! If you haven't tried this product, you definitely should! I put my make up on at 6am and  no matter how many times I wipe my eyes during the day, my eyeshadow is still there at 9:00 at night!

4. The Bachelor
I am in love with the Bachelor this season! Every Monday night Brittni and I get together and have a girls night while the hubby is working. It makes my Mondays so much more bearable. I have to admit though that I don't find this season's bachelor attractive but I do love watching the women pine over him. The drama that ensues on each episode always creates a good laugh!

5. Daily OOTD's
I have to admit, I'm a sucker for Outfits of the Day. I love looking at everyone's posts and getting ideas for my next outfit. Don't get me wrong, I can create my own look but sometimes, you just feel like you need a little inspiration! I'm loving that Rachel has began a weekly OOTD link-up. It makes it so much easier to get ideas than trying to flip through the hundreds of fashion pins on Pinterest... which I'm guilty of doing :X

Speaking of Rachel, be sure to link up with her and check out her awesome give-away. I'm pretty excited about the hair-ties that don't cause creases in your hair. I seriously added them to my grocery list... just don't tell the husband that!!! (:


  1. pretty tumbler!

    cute blog you have :)

  2. The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure. Love that show!


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