Weekend Bargains!!!

So I've gotten slack about posting my weekend bargains but with just getting a new car, I had to put my weekend shopping trips on a temporary hold. However, since I'm fixing to get paid, I decided to treat myself! So here are my great bargains from the past few weekends that I want to share!

Back before Christmas I purchased this white/gray striped shirt from Walmart to wear with my gray leather jacket from a previous weekend bargain post. After wearing it and washing it several times, I was amazed at how great the shirt held up; especially since it was only $6.48! So over the last couple weeks as I've gone to Walmart to grocery shop, I've just happened to slip in a few of these soft tees in the cart without the hubby really taking notice. As you can see from the pictures... I've accumulated quite a few!

The black/ hot pink/ lime green/ turquoise striped shirt above is my all time favorite! It goes with anything. I can't wait to wear it to the mountains with my black vest and hot pink scarf!

It seems that this year, my fashion obsession has been with scarfs. I seriously can't get enough of them. Fortunately for me, they are inexpensive! Over the weekend, I purchased two new additions to add to my collection; both of which were only $7.99 a piece at RUE 21! I fell in love with the prints because I could wear them both in the winter and summer. I also must add these are my first round scarfs! It took me a while to figure out how to wear the coral/gray/black one because its much thinner since its silk but I've finally got the hang of it. I'm sure you'll see it in a future "My outfits." post.

I loved this gray/brown/ dusty blue/ and lavendar print! It was so unique!

And now for my FAVORITE purchase of all!
I saw the following dress at Belk back at Thanksgiving and I immediately fell in love with it. However, disappointment quickly set in when I saw the $100.00 price tag. So for the last, however many weekends since Thanksgiving, I've been going to Belk in hopes that I would find it on sale. I went the weekend before last and it was the cheapest it had been; but it was still $50. I really wanted the dress and it was the last size small the store had but I just could not talk myself into buying it. I knew with all of the clothes in my closet, I wouldn't wear it that often so it was not an essential purchase. So sadly I hung the dress up and told myself that if they didn't have my size when the dress went on sale, then it just wasn't meant to be. But God had a plan! Last Saturday, when I went to Belk, the dress was 60% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon and they still had that one size small. I ended up stealing this for $32!!! Woo hoo! Oh and did I mention, I ended up paying for this with a gift card?! Score!

Don't you just love it? I just love the puffy sleeves and buttoned front pockets! I can't wait to wear this one night to dinner when we go to the mountains in February. I think its the perfect winter date night dress! Don't you agree?!

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