Cursing: A Sign of Ignorance

Earlier this week, my dad and I were discussing how now days, everyone curses openly like its a normal thing to do. For my dad, this is extremely shocking because my dad was born in 1947 and growing up, he never heard a curse word! But like him, I grew up never hearing curse words either because of how my parents were raised. So I must say, I'm pretty shocked today too when I hear people curse left and right like its no big deal. Its even more shocking to me when I hear young children curse in front of their parents, and then what happens, absolutely nothing! If I'd have cursed in front of my parents when I was their age, oh boy would my butt have been torn up! That was a huge no no in the Moore house and it still is today.

Now don't get me wrong, I'll be the first to admit that in my lifetime, I've cursed before. I'll admit, you really are a product of your environment. Up until high school, I had never uttered a curse word in my life. But my sophomore year, I took a class called Team Sports. There were 34 students in the class; there were 30 boys and 4 of us girls and of us all, 21 of the students were high school seniors. As I quickly discovered, the seniors had no problems dropping curse words like they were going out of style; so naturally, after spending two hours with them a day, I began to pick up on that nasty habit!

Over the past three or four years, I've tried my best to cut back on my cursing. It's a hard habit to break! Every now and then when I drop something or am stressed out to the max and something goes wrong, I find myself saying something I shouldnt and then I have to pray and tell God to help me because I've learned that not only is cursing wrong, but it makes you look ignorant because you can not find the words to express yourself in a decent and adultlike manner. However, in today's society, people would probably argue that that is not true but that is still my personal belief. Therefore, I know that I'm going to do my best to never curse and I'm going to encourage all of my students not to either because when they do, they look ignorant and I don't think they'd want that label stuck to them! At least, I know I don't!


Running the Race!

When my uncle passed away last week, it got me really thinking about death. As I talked to my dad about dying, my dad made a comment that struck me. He said "everyone wants to go to heaven, they just aren't in a rush to get there." As I thought about what he said, I realized how right he was! As Christians, whenever someone we know is sick and dying, we ask everyone to pray for their healing because we know that God can heal them because of his marvelous power. Yet, we don't really consider the outcome of what happens if he doesn't provide them healing on earth. If he doesn't, he/she will be going to heaven!

Hebrews 12:1 says that we are to run the race that God has set before us. Our race is our life's journey. Our life's journey is to help us fulfill our life's purpose. We were put on earth for God's pleasure. In order to please him, we are to live our lives for HIM. This means that on our life's journey, our actions should always reflect Him in us and we should do nothing that would bring dishonour to him but instead do things to bring him Glory. As all races have, the race of life has a finish line and on the other side of that finish line, we will recieve a wonderful reward! As we cross that line, we will enter into the pearly gates and be met with a celebration party and a huge reunion!

In life, when there is a race, everyone wants to finish first so that they can reap that reward before anyone else can snatch it up! But when it comes to the race that God set before us, people are hesitant as they near the finish line and would rather someone else come in first place. But why should we hesitate and want someone else to win that race?! Shouldn't we be excited to be crossing that line?! Hasn't that finish line been what we've strived for all of our Christian lives? Isn't that why we chose to live our lives the way we did, so that in the end, we could be met at those gates by our heavenly father and our brothers and sisters in Christ who went before us?!

I guess it all comes down to us being human. As humans, I've learned that we have a hard time letting go. We want to hold onto our lives here on earth. We want to have families and watch our families grow up and begin families of their own. However, if our family is saved, we should know that when we die, we are going to see them again. We should really consider our death to be like a vacation. When we cross that finish line, we are given a permanent stay in paradise! If on earth, we won an all-expenses paid trip to some tropical island for the rest of our lives, could you seriously say you wouldn't leave and go?! I mean afterall, your family and friends can come see you! Just like in heaven, when we go to paradise, our friends and family are going to be coming to see us sometime soon too! So we shouldn't be worried about never seeing them again!

The Bible says in Hebrews that "it is appointed unto man once to die." Either way, whether we come in first or last, we are going to cross that finish line. I just know that when I reach the end of my journey, I'm not going to have a problem coming first or last. I've lived my life in ways that are pleasing to God and I want to accept my reward for that! So I will be more than happy to accept first place!


Winner Either Way

As many of you all know, my uncle finally passed away on Friday morning aroud 9am. When I say finally, many people who did not know my uncle would find that harsh. But for those of you who do know him, you would understand. For most of my life, my uncle has struggled to stay alive. If any human being had "9 lives" as a cat does, it was my uncle. My uncle survived his rebellious adolescence, being beaten almost to the point of death numerous times, alcoholism, and so many other trials and temptations. For most of my uncle's adult life, he was an alcoholic. As a result, the alcoholism destroyed his liver. The destruction was so severe that in August of 2008, the doctors gave him 2 weeks to live because MRI's and CT Scans revealed that he had no liver. However, my uncle didn't die. The doctors were amazed. It's impossible to live without a liver, yet, somehow, God kept my uncle alive these past two years without one. Yet, my uncle had his battles over that two year period but remained strong and survived. However, two weeks ago, he took a turn for the worst and on Friday morning, he gave up to go home to heaven where my grandfather was waiting for him with open arms.

At my uncle's funeral, my mom requested a song entitled "Winner Either Way". As I listened to the words of the song, I realized how true they were. So often when someone we love is sick and dying, we pray for God's healing on that person. However, sometimes, God's idea of healing is not always ours. Sometimes, God chooses to allow healing by taking that person with them to their heavenly home, rather than healing them on earth so they can return to their earthly home. Yet, either way, no matter the outcome, that person is a winner either way!

Here are the lyrics to the song...





Flying Airplanes!

When I was 15 years old, I got to fly my first plane! It was exhilarating! I can still feel that nervousness I had as I waited for the control tower to give me the go to get on the runway. I can remember racing down the runway & slowly pulling up! I was so nervous but after just a few short moments, I was up in the air flying over Winston-Salem! Then, I forgot everything!

Flying an airplane is absolutely the most amazing thing in the world. It's alot of work because there are so many things to remember and there are so many buttons and controls to constantly mess with as you fly, but still, its worth it! As you fly a plane, you feel so in control. You feel like you have all the power in the world. Plus, its so peaceful. It's wonderful to just fly around and look at everything below you. It's amazing how small things really are when you're 1000 ft off the ground! It's also amazing how everything seems to be in little squares. You don't notice that when you're on the ground.

Unfortunately, I haven't flown a plane in 3 years and I miss it. I didn't realize how much I missed it until Kevin and I watched the movie, "She's Out of My League". In that movie, he learns to fly planes and it reminded me of myself several years ago! So, I'm thinking I'm going to have to make a trip to Smith-Reynolds Airport and hop in a little Cessna and make my way down the runway! I'm pretty sure I can remember how to do it all. Taking off and landing are the easy parts! It's those floaters that are the trick!

(For those of you who don't know, a floater is when you shut down the plane's engine in the air, and the engine will stall. When that happens, you will literally float! It feels much like that first big drop on a rollercoaster.... it's an adrenaline rush!)

Here's some pics I took when I was flying several years ago!

clouds (:

a view of Winston Salem (:

See what I mean about how everything looks like squares?!

these are what I usually fly (:


Some People Just Don't Like to See Other People Happy

On Thursday afternoon, I had lunch with one of my best friends who happens to be my neighbor. As we were eating, she told me she had to tell me something even though her boyfriend, who is my cousin, told her not to. She told me that someone was telling people that Kevin had cheated on me. Rather than feeling sick to my stomach or getting that heart-dropping-to-your-stomach feeling, I laughed! I said "Aly, when would he have had time?!" She said that was her thoughts exactly and thats why she wanted to tell me. As we talked, we thought maybe the person who had been saying that thought that I didn't know that Kevin had went out with a girl back in September, but I did know that and we weren't dating then so whether he went out or not, it didn't matter. So I told Aly, I'd speak to that person and get it straight.

When I came home that afternoon, I told Kevin what I'd heard. Like me, he was like "whaaaat?!" And he agreed with me, when would he have been able to?! Almost every day that he works, I go to his work and hang out with him on his breaks; as soon as he gets off work, we meet at the y; when we get done working out, we go to dinner and hang out till bed time; the next morning, we do it all over again! And when Kevin is not working, we are always together! It's pretty much been like that since last October or November. So we decided to ask that person about the whole thing. We figured it was just a big misunderstanding because that person wouldn't spread things like that.

After talking to that person and getting to the bottom of the situation, it wasn't shocking to find out that an ex boyfriend of mine started the rumor. I guess he felt like since he'd cheated on me numerous times and I eventually broke up with him because I was tired of it, that I'd break up with Kevin if I suspected he was cheating on me as well. But thats just a theory because I really don't know why he would spread a rumor like that, especially since I haven't spoken to him in 8 months! But its like Kevin's brother's girlfriend once told me, "some people just don't like to see other people happy".

As the rumor goes, Kevin was at a party supposedly "hooking up" with a bunch of girls. First off, Kevin and I spend every weekend together. Secondly, neither one of us party. And thirdly, Kevin doesn't "hook up". So when my ex was spreading these rumors, he should have learned a little bit about Kevin first. But for those people who don't know Kevin, I am sure they've believed him. This is what makes me angry. I do not like when my fiance's reputation is at stake. So for anyone reading this, please know that Kevin has never, isn't, and will never cheat on me. I believe that with all of my heart.

But on a funnier note, as Kevin and I were on the couch cuddling and talking about it all, he gave me a kiss on the top of the head and said "Babe, I promise I will never do anything to hurt you." As soon as he said it, I said "babe, you punch the crap out of me all the time!" (because he does every time he sees a Volkswagen beetle bug!). Without hesitating, he said, "except for that!".... haha This is why I love him. He can always make me laugh (:

Am I to Smart to go to UNCG?

A few weeks ago someone told me that I was way to smart to go to UNCG. It wasn't the first time I'd heard the same phrase directed toward me. But this time, it really got me thinking. Was I to smart to go there? I finally came to a conclusion. The answer was pretty simple, "No, I'm not to smart for UNCG".

When I was a senior in High School, I had my fair pick of which colleges I could attend. I could go to Elon, Carolina, NC State, UNCG, or High Point University. Originally, I planned to attend Elon University as an athletic training major but halfway through the beginning of my senior year, I changed my major. I decided to switch to education. At the time, NC State was just beginning their elementary education major so I felt that it would not be a good choice to go there. So that left Carolina, UNCG, and HPU. I didn't want to be to far from home and I didn't want to go to an extremely huge college, so I ruled out Carolina. When it came down to HPU and UNCG, it was a tougher decision. I had the opportunity to attend HPU as a Presidential Scholar which would basically give me a free ride. I absolutely loved HPU. They have the most gorgeous campus ever! Its really like a playground for college kids. But after much thought and contemplation, I decided on UNCG. UNCG was not a very big campus, alot of my friends had chosen to go there, it was close to home, and after much research, I discovered that they had one of the top education programs in the state! So the decision became easy, that was the school for me!

Over the past 3 years as people have asked me where I go to college, I've watched their faces change as I've told them "I go to UNCG". I know what they are thinking, 'Ohhhh, she goes there. She must not be to smart'. I'll be quite honest, up until my junior year, this bothered me. But when I got into the education program, I realized people had no idea what they are talking about. UNCG may have a bad reputation for some things, but their nursing program and education program are top notch. Therefore, they pride themselves in these programs and expect alot out of their students! UNCG's nursing program and education program are two of the hardest programs to get into! I'm lucky enough that I'm in one of those programs and I'm thankful that they make me bust my butt so that I can be the best teacher there can be! And on top of that, we have amazing teachers. Almost half of my professors have not only taught at UNCG but have taught for big colleges such as Carolina, Wake Forest, Brown University, UCLA and I highly doubt they teach the classes at UNCG any differently than they did at these colleges.

So when choosing a college, its not about getting into the most prestigious school or ivy-league college, its about personal choice. It's about choosing the college that fits you and will give you the best education for the major you choose. Unless you go to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, or MIT, to be quite honest, I probably won't be impressed. I mean sure, Duke and Wake Forest, are pretty tough schools to get into and I'll give you that. I didn't care to go to either so I didn't apply and who knows, I may could have gotten in there or I may not have, I guess I will never know. But still, it is not that impressive to me even though it may be to others. Frankly, I think people that choose to go to those schools for something other than what they are known for are not very bright. I mean, who wants to go to DUKE just because its DUKE and then major in art? A degree that does not offer many possibilities upon graduation and then when you can't find a job, you are going to owe $200k in student loans? Is that smart? Is it really worth all that money just so you can say you went there? I wouldn't say so but then again thats just my opinion. But if that college works for you and is going to give you the most beneficial education, then I'll be impressed that you chose a college for you and not for society's benefit or to promote your image. To me, that is what makes you smart.

I Got to Drive Kevin's Corvette!

Friday night, Kevin, Mike (Kevin's Dad), Kenny (Kevin's uncle), Kayla (Kevin's cousin), and Donnell (Kevin's uncle's girlfriend), and I all went to dinner in Yanceyville at Steaks on the Square. Its this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that Kevin and Mike swore up and down was one of the best restaurants ever. After eating there, I'd have to say, I agree. But I shouldn't have been shocked because usually those little family run, hole-in-the-wall restaurants are the best!

When we were leaving, I jokingly told Kevin he should have let me drove his Corvette home. He stopped and told me if I wanted to I could. I was like "NOOO! I was j/k". So we headed on back home to his house.

We hung out at Kevin's parent's house for a few minutes and left to go to my house. As we were backing out of the driveway I told Kevin I could have drove his car again. So he told me I was going to. I was totally kidding and told him I didn't want to drive it but he said I'd be driving it sometime so might as well go on and do it. So he pulled back in the driveway and got out. Refusing to drive, I tried locking my door. However, I didn't know that if the driver's side door was open, the passenger side wouldn't lock! So Kevin opened my door and made me get out and then I was forced to drive!

As I backed out of the driveway, I was scared to death because if I messed up that car, he'd kill me! But as I began to drive down the road, I wasn't nervous at all. Driving his vette was like driving my old sports car. It was alot of fun! And the best part was I didn't make Kevin nervous at all when I was driving it! I was seriously expecting him to have a heart attack! haha

I know if I wanted to drive his car, he'd let me but I'm thinking that next year when I get a job, I'm going to have to get my OWN Corvette to drive (: