{Weekend Recap} A Weekend of Dates

Happy Tuesday, girls! I am so, so, so very happy to finally be able to sit down and get a chance to blog. This weekend was one for the books so it definitely needed to be documented. 

Harper was invited to a birthday party on Friday at our local Children's Museum. Since Kevin had to work, I decided it would be a great opportunity for Harper and I to have some one-on-one time since these days, her brother is always tagging along. So while Kevin worked, I dropped Boston off with my parents and headed to pick up Harper early from daycare. Before heading to the party, we made a Target run. I swear my child loves the place as much as I do. We perused the aisles and ended up leaving without purchasing anything; which I have to add, was probably a first. 

By the time we got to the party, I quickly realized we should have gotten there much sooner. Our local Children's Museum is located downtown and there is limited parking. Factor in a big event and needless to say, we spent thirty minutes circling the parking lot hoping for a spot. Finally coming to the conclusion that we weren't going to find one in the lot, on the street, or in the parking deck nearby, I text the party host and told her we weren't going to make it inside since we couldn't find a place to park. But just as I was fixing to leave, a man came out and told us we could make a parking spot along the curb. Hallelujah, Amen! 

The party was a huge hit in Harper's eyes. I haven't seen her quite that happy in a long time. She literally skipped around the place instead of walking. The airplane slide and train were most definitely her favorites spots in the museum. It took quite a bit of effort to get her to venture elsewhere and yet, we still ended up back in the same spot. 

When I broke the news to her that we had to go to meet the family for dinner, she cried huge crocodile tears for half of the way home. Broke this mama's heart so I vowed to her over and over that we'd go back again real soon. 

Saturday morning I woke up to find it nearly 10:00 in the morning. I never, ever sleep that late...especially not now with two kiddos. But thanks to the hubs getting the kiddos up and ready when they woke up, this mama got some extra snoozin' time and I couldn't have been more thankful in that moment for the hubs than if he'd have gotten me a maid (; Then again... j/k

Saturday morning, Kevin headed off with Harper to the Burlington City Park with some of our friends for a Daddy/daughter date while Boston and I stayed behind to get ready for a baby shower. From the looks of all of the pictures, Harper had a blast with her daddy and best buds! 

While Kevin and Harper spent the day at the park with the Loye's, Boston and I attended my friend Olivia's baby shower with my friend, Brittni. The shower was coordinated with touches of gray and navy and topped off with elephants...all of which are my favorites.

After getting home from the baby shower and doing a quick wardrobe change, Kevin and I were out the door again for our first date night since Boston got here. Kevin's work was hosting a get together at the Barn and Dinner Theater so we headed there for a delicious buffet dinner and a show entitled, Leading Ladies. The food was the best I have had there yet; the company was amazing; and the show was absolutely hilarious. Factor all of that in and you have one awesome date night!

Before returning home from our date night, we made a quick stop by Kevin's cousins' house to catch the end of the Carolina vs Syracuse game. We made it there with just six minutes left on the clock but it was still enough time to watch our boys advance to the National Championship. Whoop whoop! When the game ended, we headed back to our house, with another member of the family. Kevin's cousin, Dustin, had came up from Roanoke to watch the game for the evening and since it was late, Kevin offered for Dustin to come stay with us for the night. & thank God that he did. 

After getting back home, straightening up a bit, and preparing for bed, I started feeling nauseous. Thinking it was just from exhaustion I said my goodnights and headed to bed. However, it was short lived and at 3am, I was up sick as a dog. Poor Kevin had stayed up until 1am talking to Dustin and was set to get up at 4am to head into work, so him helping me with Boston was out of the question. But thankfully, Dustin, greatly stepped up and took care of the little guy for me with his middle of the night feedings until I could call in reinforcements...aka my parents.

My parents arrived like knights in shining armor at 6:30am. They got the kids out of bed, packed their bags, and took them back to their house so I could spend the whole day in bed. By late evening, I was feeling much better thanks to the Gatorade the in-laws had left on the front porch but I was seriously missing my babies to the point I made Kevin send me pictures of them since Kevin wasn't bringing them back home until it was time to put them in bed :( Despite how much I wanted to see them, I understood and didn't want them to catch what I had and thankfully they didn't! Two days later, everyone is still feeling good! Fingers crossed it continues... 

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