Foster Care.

Over the last few months, God has been introducing the concept of fostering to me and my husband. At first, it came in the form of fostering animals. Back in January, Kevin's aunt began fostering a dog and we learned that there was a strong need for people to serve as foster parents for animals due to shelters being full. Kevin and I discussed the idea of taking animals into our home until they could be adopted but after much discussion, we chose not to proceed with the idea at the time. We knew with summer coming up, we'd be out of town often and having to ask someone to watch both Rimy and another animal while we were on vacation could be overwhelming. So we thought we'd discuss the idea again in the fall. 

A short time later, in February, God introduced the form of fostering children to us. While waiting at a restaurant, I struck up a conversation with a lady that was waiting on her husband to pay. As she stood at the entry way, I noticed the little girl in her arms. She was the cutest little thing. She looked like she was about a month old and she had the hugest blue eyes I have ever seen. In talking with the lady, I discovered that she was actually this little girl's foster mother. She explained to me that the little girl was actually three months old but had been born prematurely. Her mother was a drug addict and her father was not in the picture. Therefore, they'd had her since she came home from the hospital. The story was sad but very common. As I left the restaurant, I called my husband and told him about this little girl. I told him I didn't understand why, but I could not shake that little girl's face from my mind.

Here it is two months later and that little girl's face and story still burns in my mind. Since that day, I have encountered several people who are foster parents as well as several children who are in need of foster homes. With every story, my passion for these children have grown. For the last few days I have been praying for God to show me a way I can help these children and then yesterday the opportunity to start the process of becoming a foster parent was presented to me. I spoke to Kevin about his feelings towards this and like me, he wants more information. 

The thought of being a foster parent is scary. These children come from broken homes, where love is lacking, and abuse is present. I keep asking God, what do I have to offer these children? I feel like nothing but then I'm reminded that I can offer them a temporary home where Christ is present and I can show them what love really means. But then another part of me poses the thought that I know without a doubt, I'll become attached to these children and will hate to see them become adopted or returned to their families. It's a constant mental struggle in which I need God's guidance. 

So I am asking you to please keep Kevin and I in your prayers. Our prayer is that God will show us if this is truly what he wants for us. Does he want us to become foster parents? Is the fact that we were asked to go through this process his way of opening up doors? Or is this just a test? Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers until we are given an answer. 


Top: Rue 21
Pants:New York & Company
Flats: Jessica Simpson

Cardigan: New York & Company
Dress: Walmart

Cardigan: Express
Dress: New Directions
Sandals: Kmart 

Jacket: Rue 21
Jeans: Ross
Tennis Shoes:Adidas

No picture today! I've been running errands and cleaning all day!



My brother posted these videos to facebook earlier this week and they are so amazing that I have to share. I listened to them multiple times and each time, chill bumps appear on my arms and they cause the hair to stand up on my neck. They are incredible and inspiring. The talent that God bestows upon children is beyond imaginable. Without a doubt, my Heavenly Father is alive and living today!


My First Homemade Wreath

Earlier this week, two of my favorite beginning teachers came over and we did a little crafting and made wreaths for our front doors. I had never made a wreath before but I didn't figure it would be too difficult so I decided to give it a shot. And let me just say, I am super excited that I did. I loved how my wreath came out! Check it out (:

Here are the other wreaths! Mine is on the left, Lauren's is in the middle, and Elizabeth's is on the right!

Have you ever made a wreath? If so, share pictures please!


You are My Sunshine (:

I was so ecstatic when I received a note from Kelsey over at Just Another Blonde Princess saying that she had nominated me for the Sunshine Award! It totally put a smile on my face girl! As a nominee, I must answer some fabulous questions and then tag five other of my lovely blogging friends (: So here goes the questions!

Favorite Color? 
This is such a tough one for me. Each season, I tend to go through a color phase. Depending on the colors I see in stores, depends on what my new favorite color will be. For this particular spring season, I seem to be drawn to every shade of coral. It's just so bright and cheery and might I add...it looks great with a tan (: 

Favorite Number?
8! I have to admit that the number 3 was my favorite number up until I met my husband. His jersey number has always been 8 and since I love and support him through EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. I had to rethink my favorite number!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?
I'm from the south so without a doubt, it would have to be some good ole southern sweet tea; preferably in a mason jar! More specifically, it must be a BALL mason jar since this is where my husband works! haha 

Facebook or Twitter?
I am slowly but surely beginning to fall in love with twitter. I created an account back in 2009 but never used it until last year when my best friend created a twitter account. I love following notwillferrell and babycarlos. These two tweeters always have me laughing whenever I need a pick-me-up. The only drawback with twitter is that many of my friends have not joined so I still have to use facebook to keep up with their lives!

My passion?
Well, I have alot of passions but they can be summed up in one category... the ones I love. I am obsessed with my family, friends, hubby, and God. I do have to admit, that I could become more obsessed with God. Just the other day I realized how much time I put into my relationship with my husband and family and I realized that God calls me to spend as much time with Him as I do these people. When this came to my knowledge, I realized that I am truly falling short of that amount of time. But I am working on our relationship and am spending much more time with Him. Through His Word, devotions, and Christian songs, I am falling more and more in love with my Savior each day. 

Favorite Animal?
Well of course I love puppies. Who doesn't? There is no way on earth I can't love my Rimy's sweet smiling face (like in the picture below!). But beyond puppies and dogs, I absolutely love elephants. They are such gorgeous creatures. I can't ever make a trip to the zoo without snapping at least 20 photos of them!

Giving or getting presents?
I absolutely love giving presents. I am not just saying that because that is what I am expected to say. I am saying it because it is the honest to goodness truth. I love surprising people with random gifts. The joy and excitement on their faces make the gifts all worth while. I think everyone loves to get a random gift because it lets him/her know that someone is thinking of them even if it isn't a special occasion. 

Favorite Flower?
I love daisies! They are so bright and scream summer to me! My favorites are yellow and white daisies (hence, why I used them in my wedding (: )

Now it's your turn ladies! (:
~ Ashley @ Everyday AEM
~ Rachel @ Just Peachy
~ Lindsay @ Miss Lindsay J



I finally got some OOTD's this week! Here you go ladies...

T-shirt:  Self-Explanatory!
Shorts: Ross 

Maxi Dress: Rue 21
Cardigan: Target
Sandals: Target

Cardigan: JCPenny
Dress: New Directions
Flats: My trustworthy Jessica Simpson's

Dress: Ross
Flats: Sam & Libby

Top: Charlotte Russe
Capris: Madison Studio
Flats: Jessica Simpson


Weekend Recap

I didn't leave work Friday until almost 5:15! Yes, that would be the latest I have EVER left on a Friday as I'm usually running out the door as soon as the clock hands strike 3:30! But because I'm taking a day off on Monday to attend a staff development session at Central Office, I had to get everything laid out and prepared for my sub (who is amazing by the way!). 

By the time I left, I was exhausted and ready to get home. Because I was so tired, Kevin and I opted to do dinner by ourselves instead of going out with the group. But in our typical fashion, we couldn't decide where we wanted to go so we ended up calling my parents to see what were their plans. They were heading to Mayflower so we decided we'd join them. I was thrilled with our decision because when I got there I saw my cousin had came in from Virginia to join my parents for dinner. It was great catching up with him and hearing what all was going on in his life. He and the hubby hit it off right away considering he had on a Duke shirt and the hubby is a UNC fan! They spent most of the time comparing teams! (BOYS!)

After we left, Kevin and I went home and curled up in bed to watch a movie. We started watching "Young Adult" with Charlize Theron. I must admit, it didn't hold either of our attention and we both fell asleep with the movie still running! haha 

I woke up early Saturday morning so I got up and ran some errands while the hubby was still in bed. When I got back home, we had to get ready to head to his aunt's birthday party at Libby Hill. We had a great time helping her celebrate her 50th!

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Greensboro for round 3 of my birthday celebrations. Kevin and I met up with Olivia and Kristy and their boys for dinner at Olive Garden. We had so much fun sitting around catching up. We had a blast making Rich say a hundred words! He's from England and we can all just eat up his English accent (even Jacob!). 

After we ate dinner, we headed to the mall to play indoor cosmic putt putt at TILT. We had so much fun laughing and carrying on. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures from the evening but Olivia did. There was a huge sign at the counter that said "No Pictures Allowed" but Olivia took a million and one pictures while cautiously looking over her shoulder each time. As soon as she emails them to me, I'll post them for you guys to see! I have to admit since it was cosmic putt putt the pictures looked really cool on her camera! 

When we left the mall it was pouring down rain but that didn't stop me and Kevin from taking a trip to Krispy Kreme! We had to get some shamrock donuts for St. Patty's Day! And without a doubt, Rimy got one too!

After stuffing our faces with donuts, we left the house and headed to the Vault to celebrate St. Patty's Day with Brooke and Bryan and some of Kevin's old best friends. I finally got to meet Sara, Alan's fiance. She's a first year teacher too so we hit it off immediately. We swapped stories for two hours! Around 12:30, we had to leave the Vault because the police came and shut it down. Yes, you understood correctly and no, it was not because there was a fight but there has been. Over the last few weeks, the Vault has had many fights break out so the police are constantly patrolling the area (which is not hard though considering it's directly across from our police station!). Sadly, with all of the fights that have occurred in the past, the county commissioners want to see the place shut down so they rolled up in the joint around midnight for an inspection. Needless to say, they weren't happy with some things they saw (i.e. empty alcohol bottles being out behind the bar, waitresses drinking, etc) so it was shut down for the night.

But don't worry, the party wasn't over. We all piled in the car and headed down the block to the new Irish pub in town. That was the place to be. They had Irish music playing and all of the staff were dressed like leprechauns! They were also painting faces for free! 

Everyone didn't leave our house till after 4:30 on Sunday morning so we didn't end up in bed till around 5am. Needless to say, I didn't make it to church :/ I felt bad but I just couldn't make myself get up! I was exhausted! And before you even think it, I didn't have a hangover! I didn't even drink the night before because I didn't know if I'd need to be driving anyone home! But anyways, I finally made myself get up around 12 and got ready to head to my parents for lunch.

After lunch, my mom and I headed to a friend's wedding shower. It was great catching up with the bride to be and my other friends!

Here's Tracy's gift I put together! I looooved how it turned out!
 RCHS's finest!

Since I got back home from the shower, I've done nothing but lay around the house. I had a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish but the only two things that were marked off were work out and put up the laundry! haha I guess the rest will have to be done tomorrow. 

Anyways, hope you ladies had a great weekend and an even better week!



Well here's the outfits for this week. I only have two pictures to post. Since I was feeling so rough each morning, I was dragging and generally running late so I didn't think to take pictures!

Tank: Ross
Pants: NY & Company
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

 Dress: Ross
Shoes: Sam & Libby

Sorry again ladies... I'll try better next week!


Multiplication March Madness

First off, I need to apologize. I have been a very poor blogger this past week. Unfortunately, I was under the weather for most part of the week. These sinuses and allergies are absolutely killing me. Each morning I went to work crying because I felt so bad and everyday I came home and immediately went to bed. No lie, I was in bed by 7:30 just about every night. My husband asked me each morning why I didn't just stay at home if I felt that bad but like I tell him... as a teacher, by the time you get plans together and call in for a sub, you might as well go. So that's what I did. All week I've pushed through and thank God it's finally Friday! But thankfully, I'm feeling a little bit better today so I wanted to get on here and share with you about our school's Multiplication March Madness tournament.

Every year, my school participates in a Multiplication March Madness tournament. The tournament is for grades 3-5 and beginning in November, students start practicing memorizing their facts. Around January, classrooms choose their team names. This year, my class chose to be the High Point University Panthers. My cousin is an assistant coach at the school so I thought it would be great to support him and his team. The students absolutely loved it because they could keep track of how the team was doing each week and they were fascinated that I actually knew a college coach (it's really the little things that blow their minds!).

Anyways, on Wednesday, the tournament took place and my class came in second within third grade! I was blown away! They did amazing and I was super proud of them. They were all upset that they didn't come in first so I had to give them a pep talk. Thankfully most of my kiddos are Duke and UNC fans so I asked them if they thought they walked around beating themselves up for coming in second. They all laughed and thought I was being funny. They finally got the point that I was trying to make! 

Here are some pictures from the event!


Family Photos

This afternoon, I finally had time to sit down and scan the photos my family took last April. I know, I know, it's seriously taken me almost a year to find the time! But regardless, it's finally been done and I wanted to share them with my readers (:

My Family
Ignore the poor quality of this one... It was way too large to scan so I had to take a picture of it :P

The Boys
From left: The hubby, brother, dad, brother-in-law, and nephew

Me, Mom, and my sister

My amazing parents

Sibling love


My 23rd Birthday

As you all know from earlier posts this week, I celebrated my 23rd birthday this past Tuesday. The first word that came to my mind on Tuesday morning was WHOA! It's all so surreal to me that I am 23! I can still remember my 13th birthday as if it was yesterday. It is so hard for me to believe that that was TEN years ago! It also seems hard to believe that it's been two years since Kevin threw me a surprise 21st birthday party. I can remember both parties with amazing clarity and details. It's funny how time flies but memories don't always change. However, this is one birthday I hope my memories can change because it was rather interesting to say the least.

My actual birthday was amazing. I wasn't sure how it would turn out since the husband had to work but thanks to one of my amazing best friends, I didn't have to spend it alone. Rather than sitting at home pigging out on a sandwich for my birthday, Brittni came and picked me up and took me to Kings Inn Pizza where we devoured a pepperoni pizza and one of their homemade salads... complete with their homemade ranch dressing of course! After dinner we headed back to my house where Brittni surprised me with yummy cupcakes from the bakery. They were sooo good and ordered exactly to my liking... chocolate with whipped vanilla icing and sprinkles :P

Since the husband had to work on my birthday, we made plans to go out the next night. But when Wednesday rolled around, the hubby told me he was too tired to go to Greensboro or Danville. I understood because the first night of him coming off of 12 hour shifts is the hardest for him so I told him we could just have dinner at Monterreys and curl up in bed and watch a movie. So that is exactly what we did!  I got my delicious mexican for supper AND my cuddle session while watching The Help. Before going to bed, Kevin told me to plan on us going Thursday out for my brithday just me and him regardless of what we'd done that night. He also told me, he'd take me to get my birthday present... my ladder shelf! 

All day long, I was so anxious for my work day to end. I could not wait for another date night with the hubstir. On top of that, I was super excited to be getting my ladder shelf for my kitchen! But at 1:15, Kevin text me with the news that he had just found out they had softball practice at six o'clock so once again we would have to postpone my birthday celebration. I'm not going to lie, I was very irritated and I made sure Kevin knew it! I started throwing my typical fit and let him know that I felt like I was being put on the backburner so he could play ball. I even tried the "if I had plans with you and something came up, you'd be mad at me" card. I made him feel bad but regardless, he still went to practice. I have to admit, I wasn't angry with Kevin that he cancelled our plans because he wasn't the coach so how was he to know they were going to have a last minute practice; that wasn't his fault. I was just disappointed and hurt that things hadn't gone how I had planned (I'm very much a planner!) and I took it out on him. Unfortunately, by the time he got home, I was exhausted and in bed so I didn't get to apologize.

Last night Kevin and I had reservations for dinner at Steaks on the Square to celebrate my birthday with the group. I had every intention of apologizing to Kevin before leaving for dinner but I was running late and by the time I got home, it was time to go. I decided that after dinner, we'd sit down and talk. Little did I know, apologizing to Kevin would be the least of my worries!

When we arrived at the restaurant, the hostess told us that they had made a mistake and had written our reservations down for Saturday instead of Friday so we'd have to wait for a bit. We didn't mind so we all grabbed a seat in the waiting area and sat and talked. As we all sat talking about our weeks I tried talking to Kevin's mom and she never answered me. Thinking she just hadn't heard me, I tried again. Yet, still no response. I thought it was strange but then I thought maybe Kevin had told her I was mad at him since I hadn't apologized so maybe she didn't feel comfortable talking to me. So I just started talking to Emily instead.

When we were finally all sitting, I leaned over and whispered to my sister in law about what had happened and she told me she didn't think that was it. I asked her what else it could be and she proceeded to tell me that someone in Kevin's family had called his mother and told her I had posted something inappropriate on Kevin's fb page. Having no clue what she was talking about, I quickly went to Kevin's page. The only comment I had made all year long said "thank you for cleaning the house and doing the dishes for me this week. I guess you can be sweet when you want to be :P I love you! See you in the morning!". I was shocked at how this could be misconstrued but apparently someone took it as that I was making out like my husband never did anything... which is untrue. Needless to say, I was very upset by this news that Kevin's family thought I would do something like this and in turn, my mother in law would be upset with me. So I did the most embarrassing thing! I sat and bawled my eyes out at the table in front of the whole restaurant. Immediately, Kevin kept asking me what was wrong! Because his mother was sitting beside him, it was awkward and I couldn't explain to him then. But when we finally left, I told Kevin about what had happened. Thankfully, he was completely on my side and said he didn't understand how that got misconstrued because he could see I was bragging on him and he told me not to worry. Hard to do when your in-laws are upset with you! But regardless, I tried and eventually after many of the husband's retarded jokes and him trying to tickle the life out of me to get a smile on my face, I finally tried to have a better night. But before going to bed, I prayed and prayed that God would let me forget about this not so amazing part of my birthday! So here's hoping to that happening and that next year will be better!

Regardless of how upset I was at the restaurant, I still managed to get a few photos before leaving so I wanted to share. Please ignore my no make-up look as most of it wore off from trying to wipe tears away!!

And you know I had to share my birthday gifts!

Every spring and fall I purchase a new purse and a few weeks ago, I saw a purse I loved but the style was too large. To my disappointment, the store did not have the color I wanted in the smaller style. But thanks to some amazing people, I got the exact color I wanted in the exact style! I can't wait to carry it! 

I've been dying for this sign to hang in my foyer or hallway!

The hubby took me today to get the matted frames for my hallway pinterest project that I've been dying to start!

And  I got my ladder shelf! Pictures of it coming soon!