My Nephew's Birthday!

I can't believe my sweet little nephew is now a teenager :( It makes me feel so old! I remember the day he was born just as if it was yesterday. Tonight we surprised him by taking him to PF Changs... his absolute favorite place on earth. He was so surprised and I was so happy we ended up going...despite that I have to work tomorrow and we're just getting home at 9pm! haha Oh well, the things we do for love! Here's some pictures of us over the years. Unfortunately, all of his younger days were in the age of film cameras (am I telling my age?!). So I didn't exactly have time to scan alot of his baby photos.. but let me just say, he's ALWAYS been a handsome fella (: He was actually a winner in the beautiful babies contest when he was two!


  1. What a cutie--I love all those pictures of y'all together!

  2. aw these pictures are precious!


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