My House Project "To Do" List

Kevin and I purchased our house back in July of 2010. When we first moved all of our things into the house, I was in love with EVERYTHING. If you asked me if I'd like to make any changes to the house, I would have said no. If you asked me that same question now, that answer would be different. If you asked me why, I'd say that I've gotten so many ideas from pinterest and other bloggers that I'm no longer satisfied with my house because of all of the options that surround me! haha So now, I've created a to-do list of things I'd like to do to the house. My hope is that by this time next year, they will all be complete! I'll update you along the way!

1. Coat Closet 
I'd like to take the coat closet in my foyer and turn it into something like this... It would be relatively simple as my closet is set up exactly like this. I just need to find short shelves like in the picture below.. I'm thinking maybe a shoe rack?

2. Bathroom Shelves
In mine and Kevin's bathroom, the commode is in a separate room than the shower and garden tub. It is all part of the same bathroom, but there is a separate door that it is housed in. Because there is only a commode in the room, it's rather plain but it really is too small to decorate. So when I came across these pinterest finds, I fell in love! It's the perfect addition to such a small room!

3. Closet Office
Kevin and I are eventually going to change out our office into an additional spare bedroom which will eventually turn into a nursery. Because of this change, I will no longer have any place to work. I've tried looking around our house and there really is no other place in our house that would work exceptionally well to have a desk in. So when I came across these pinterest finds, I had a great idea. In our bonus room, we have a very large closet that is not used. We mainly store our luggage in it. So when we switch out the office for a bedroom, I'm going to work on transforming that closet into an office closet (:

4. Ladder Shelf
I have this odd corner in my kitchen where I currently have a little table sitting. However, I want to move the table to my foyer so I have been looking for ideas on how to fill that weird corner. It's the perfect corner for a baker's rack but unfortunately, I'm not a fan of baker's racks. But while at Target over the weekend, I had a brilliant idea. I want to put a ladder shelf in my kitchen where I can sit recipe books, photographs, special dishes, etc. on. It's going to be my modern take on a baker's rack (:

5. Hallway Gallery Walk
I love photographs. I would much rather have photographs covering my walls than paintings and pictures. So when I saw this simple and classy gallery walk in From Mrs. to Mama's hallway, I fell in love and knew that it would be perfect for the upstairs hallway. So now, I just need to find simple black frames with white matting. 

6. Fireplace Mantel
I have searched and searched for ideas for my fireplace mantel. I can't stand seeing it bare but I just can't figure out exactly what I want to do with it. Eventually, we plan to place a big screen tv over top of the mantel but until then, I'd like to have a large, chunky black mirror to go over it. Along with the mirror, I'd like to place a few photographs, flowers, maybe a lantern (I love lanterns!) and some initials because I love monograms. Here is some of my inspiration.

7. Blinds and Window Treatments
When we first moved into our house, I said I would not under any circumstances put curtains in my house. However, now I see all these pretty curtains in stores and I have changed my mind! I now want them in every room of my house! I also want to put wood blinds in my kitchen! I hate how open my house is on the back. I can sit at my kitchen table at night and look straight into my neighbors house while they eat dinner. So I'm thinking thats going to be a top priority!

8. Brushed Nickel Hardware
My house was built in the latter part of the 90's so it is full of gold hardware. The cabinet knobs are gold, all of the door knobs are gold, the fixtures are gold, and so are the vanity lamps in the bathrooms. I'm not a fan of gold hardware so eventually I want to change it all out for brushed nickel! 

9. Dining Room
When we moved into our house, I put my kitchen table from my apartment in our dining room. It's a farmhouse style dining set that is white and maple. It goes great with the white crown molding and the bench that goes with it fits perfectly in our bay window. However, its not very formal. Since we entertain at our house quite a bit, I want to make the room a bit more formal. I've been looking everywhere for the perfect dining room tables and I finally found them!

10. Flowers and Lights
Our house has a sidewalk that goes from the driveway to our front door. This spring (hopefully spring break) I want to plant flowers along the sidewalk and place solar lights within the row of flowers to light the path. Trust me, I HATE walking that path at night because it's pitch black and we have lots of problems with baby snakes in our yard!!!

11. Guest Room
I want to paint and decorate our guest bedroom to look something similar to this! It looks so welcoming to me! I might just have to sleep in there some :P

Well that's it for now! I'll update you along the way. We'll see how long it takes us to complete these projects of mine!

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  1. i love the idea of turning a big closet into a office/desk area! perfect use of space


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