What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I got some amazing news last night from a very dear friend of mine! She and her husband are expecting a baby! I can not wait till it gets here later this year!

I'm loving waking up to this sweet, half-asleep face.

I'm loving my OOTD!

I'm loving how much fun my students had today during their lesson on coordinate graphing. After the lesson, they got to show me what they knew by playing "Treasure Hunt". It's the same rules as Battleship. In order to hit their opponents treasure, they had to call out the correct coordinate points. They had a blast and begged to play for an hour!

I'm loving the bargains I bought today at RUE 21. I'll share them this weekend!

I'm loving that my husband and I had a date night tonight! We ate at Monterreys since we were both dying for some Mexican food. Then we came back home and watched The Help. I loved it! It was the perfect mix of laughter and crying! I definitely will be putting the book on my summer reading list. 

I'm loving my retarded husband. Check out how he is wearing his socks! I'm also loving that ten minutes prior to this picture being taken we had a food fight. Yes, you read that correctly... a food fight. We act like we're five. If you could have seen us from the road, you probably would have thought we were retarded. We were chasing each other around throwing cake icing at each other while laughing our heads off at each other. 

I'm loving that tomorrow the hubby is taking me to get my ladder shelf for our kitchen! Happy late birthday to me!!!(:

Happy Wednesday loves!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!



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