Multiplication March Madness

First off, I need to apologize. I have been a very poor blogger this past week. Unfortunately, I was under the weather for most part of the week. These sinuses and allergies are absolutely killing me. Each morning I went to work crying because I felt so bad and everyday I came home and immediately went to bed. No lie, I was in bed by 7:30 just about every night. My husband asked me each morning why I didn't just stay at home if I felt that bad but like I tell him... as a teacher, by the time you get plans together and call in for a sub, you might as well go. So that's what I did. All week I've pushed through and thank God it's finally Friday! But thankfully, I'm feeling a little bit better today so I wanted to get on here and share with you about our school's Multiplication March Madness tournament.

Every year, my school participates in a Multiplication March Madness tournament. The tournament is for grades 3-5 and beginning in November, students start practicing memorizing their facts. Around January, classrooms choose their team names. This year, my class chose to be the High Point University Panthers. My cousin is an assistant coach at the school so I thought it would be great to support him and his team. The students absolutely loved it because they could keep track of how the team was doing each week and they were fascinated that I actually knew a college coach (it's really the little things that blow their minds!).

Anyways, on Wednesday, the tournament took place and my class came in second within third grade! I was blown away! They did amazing and I was super proud of them. They were all upset that they didn't come in first so I had to give them a pep talk. Thankfully most of my kiddos are Duke and UNC fans so I asked them if they thought they walked around beating themselves up for coming in second. They all laughed and thought I was being funny. They finally got the point that I was trying to make! 

Here are some pictures from the event!

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  1. Can you give more details as to how your school runs the tournament??


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