Guest Post: Jessica from The Newly

Hi there, readers! My name is Jessica and I blog over at The Newly. You can find me there daily, chronicling my life as wife to a medical resident and new mother to two.

Sara and I have been blog friends for a while now. Her sweet daughter, Harper, and my son Caleb, are only a couple of weeks apart, so Sara and I connected on our new motherhood journey together. I remember emailing back and forth with her in the weeks leading up to our childrens' births, with questions and concerns we both had about this unknown chapter we were about to embark on. And we've been friends ever since! She's been a great source of information for me now, as having a little girl is uncharted territory for me - but something that Sara is obviously very familiar with. I only wish we lived a bit closer together, as I know we'd enjoy chatting and hanging out on the regular - especially on Sara's adorable back porch, which she recently renovated!

Anyways, Sara asked me to pop by today and guest post while she and her sweet family enjoy some much needed vacation time, and I was happy to oblige. Today, we're talking style staples. As a stay at home mom, my style staples have changed a bit from the days in which I commuted to an office. But there are still a few things that I think every woman should have in her closet, whether she's a stay at home mama, a mama who works outside the home, or a woman with no children at all. 

A Timeless Button-Up
A classic button-up will stand the test of time, and can be dressed up and dressed down, depending on the occasion. I am a big fan of chambray button ups, and have both a light version, as well as a darker one. I love this popover version as well - which is light enough to pair with jeans, but would also look cute with anything from leggings to shorts to skirts. Love.

Classic Black Heels
Whether you work in an office or stay at home and spend your days covered in Cheerios, a la yours truly, there will come a time in which a classic black heel will be required. Make sure you have one for when that day arrives. They pair well with everything from boyfriend dreams to shifts and are a definite staple item.

Boyfriend Jeans
I debated on whether to include skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans in this list of style staples. But, to be honest, skinnies just aren't for everyone. Boyfriend jeans? Well, they are. Anyone can throw on a pair of this comfy fitting style and look cute. They can be dressed up with wedges (these being my favorite) or paired with flip flops for some casual errand running on a hot day. Bonus: This pair is under $60 right now!

A Black Tote
If you don't already have a black bag, jump on this bag now. It's roomy, stylish, and best of all? Reversible. So you can use the black side, and when the whim strikes, flip it inside out for the cognac color. I have this bag in the blush pink/taupe version, and highly recommend it. For the price, you can't go wrong!

A Daily Bauble(s)
Whether it be a necklace (I have one with both of my children's initials on it from this shop), a ring, or a pair of earrings that you wear daily, every woman should have a 'go to' that they can throw on to finish their look no matter what's on the agenda for the day. I love these simple gold earrings, and think they would be a great addition to any jewelry box. Particularly mine, since I am lacking in everyday earrings right now!
An "LBD" (Little Black Dress)
Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet - a versatile option to throw on for everything from a high school graduation to an office cocktail party. I recently purchased a dress very similar to this one, and plan to wear it to a friends' wedding in just a couple of weeks.

A Nude (Metallic) Shoe
A nude shoe is something that can be paired with anything, while also being highly flattering - nude having the effect of lengthening the legs. A nude heel, like this one, can be dressy enough for a ball gown, or can be paired with jeans and a tank top for a date night. I noted that metallic could also be considered a neutral in this particular case. Specifically, gold. I myself am on the hunt for a gold sandal to have on hand for occasions, such as the wedding mentioned above, when a black shoe would be a bit boring. If you know of a cute gold sandal, be sure to let me know!

There are several other items I'd consider to be closet staples, but I thought this was a good start for today. Anything obvious that I am missing? A couple of items on this list are things that I need to update/add to my own closet, and will be working on that in the near future. As a grown woman, it's important to always have the staples intact. Otherwise, it's hard to build a complete wardrobe!

Be sure to stop by and visit me over on my blog if you're interested to hear a bit more of my ramblings on a daily basis!:)


Guest Post: Christina of The New Mrs.

Hi, Momentary Moments in the Holt Household readers - I'm Christina and I'm stopping by from The New Mrs.  I'm a recent newlywed, mama to the cutest little puppy (in my opinion) and enjoying this adventure I call life with my husband, Derek.

In addition to some recipes, fashion and marriage topics, you can frequently find me talking on my blog about our travel adventures.  I love everything about travel - From researching the destination and planning the trip to deciding what to pack as well as of course actually enjoying the trip.

With Sara at the beach it has me starting to think about my own upcoming vacation which is part beach/pool/relax and part sightsee/adventure.  I'll be sharing some more of my packing favorites including accessories, essentials and what's in my beach bag next week on my blog so be sure to pop over and check it out.

Enjoying some sun during her summer vacation at the beach is probably what Sara is doing right now, so I thought this could be the perfect chance to share my summer vacation essentials and focus on some beach necessities…

vacation essentials

My Top Ten Summer Beach Trip Essentials:

Beach Hat:  Not only does it serve a purpose of blocking sun from your face but it's also the perfect fashion accessory to add to your beach look when you hit the sand.

Cross Body Bag:  When heading out for a casual dinner on or near the beach it's nice to have your hands free and just throw your essentials into a small side bag.

Gym Shorts: It's not all glamour - whether a morning bike ride or a late afternoon walk on the beach or even just lounging around the house/hotel - it's a good idea to have some gym shorts on hand.

Camera: Don't you want to remember the fun little moments of the trip, gorgeous sunsets and scenery that is surrounding you.

Sunscreen: Keeping your skin safe - Need I say more?

Cute Suits: While frolicking in the ocean, sitting in your beach chair or taking a stroll along the waters edge, a cute suit can brighten up your adventures on the trip.

Flip Flops:  The ultimate summer shoe.  My favorite part is how versatile a flip flop is - perfect for the beach, afternoon shopping or a night out.  One neutral pair and you're good to go!

Sunglasses:  Another need I say more type essential.

Straw Totes: This is getting a little picky, I know, but I love a beach bag that's not too big/not too small depending on the day.  If I'm going to be out on the beach or on a boat for an entire day then I might pack up my very large Hayden Reis tote.  If it's just a couple hours on the beach and I need to throw in sunscreen, a drink and some ice cream money, then a smaller straw tote will work perfectly!

Make Up Bag: If it's going to be a full day adventure or if the day is going to transition into night then it might be nice to have some makeup remover wipes (which also work perfectly to just refresh your face) as well as some mascara and lip gloss on hand.

And my bonus new favorite - Speakers.   My husband get a speaker for Christmas and we can't leave without it - it's little and doesn't take up a lot of space in the bag.

Thanks again, Sara for having me! I hope your having the best time on your beach getaway and can't wait to hear all about it.


Guest Post: Morgan of How 2 Wear It











Express Barcelona cami // TJ Maxx lace shorts // Target tennis shoes ((sold out)) // TJ Maxx chambray shirt // Margaret Elizabeth stone cuff // Kendra Scott druzy bracelet // Baublebar cape town tassel set // Loft sunglasses // GiGi New York tote ((the color of mine is on sale!))

Hey y'all! I'm Morgan from How 2 Wear It ((www.how2wearit.com))! First off I want to thank Sara for having me take over her blog for the day! Sara and I went to high school together and were very close!! Since then we have moved to different cities but have been able to stay in touch on a regular basis via blogging! Isn't that so cool?! I just wanted to tell y'all a little about my blog and hope that you go check it out sometime! My main objective is to provide the "everyday woman" with inspiration for everyday life events. Whether it be date night, work appropriate fashion, a day at the park ((like the photos above)), and everything in-between! I love finding good deals on great classics and the hottest trends to add to your closets. But I also like to provide tips on how to style what you already own! Because let's be honest, we're all on a budget here!

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction and I also hope to see you over at How 2 Wear It in the future!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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{Friday Link Ups} A Week of Fun & Upcoming Events

Happy Friday, friends! This week seemed to get away from us here in the Holt household. Yet again, I left this little spot behind but for good reason. Starting this past Tuesday, Kevin has 12 days off. Yes, 12 straight, glorious days! Since these moments are so rare we have been soaking them up!! I figure since I've left you ladies out of the loop, I'll fill you in today during our usual Friday Five. So here goes...

1} Monday
On Monday, I let Harper help me bake for the very first time. Despite spilling a cup of oil all over the kitchen island, she did great. She was all upset and kept saying, "Harper made a mess"but her expression was so cute I couldn't help but laugh at her which ended up making her smile. Now I just pray she doesn't dump another cup of oil on the counter in the future since she thinks its funny...

2} Tuesday
My brother-in-law's girlfriend, Brooke, was celebrating her birthday on Tuesday so we spent the afternoon at the nail salon getting mani's and pedi's. 

We kick started Kevin's vacation with dinner at our favorite steak house, Texas Roadhouse. It happened to be Kid's Night so Harper was delighted to receive a balloon animal of her choice, along with her free kid's meal (happy parents!). Needless to say, she chose a dog. Three days later, it's pretty much deflated but Harper asks for her "pink doggy" every time she gets in the car.

3} Wednesday
I went to see Trainwreck with my friend Brittni Wednesday afternoon while Kevin headed to the gym. It was absolutely hilarious. I recommend it to anyone that needs a laugh. To end our Wednesday evening, we spent the evening by the pool with the entire family. So much fun!

4} Thursday
One of the restaurants in a nearby town hosts a kids' night every Thursday night in the summer. Each Thursday, they have different characters at the restaurant, a dj to play kids' jams, and even kids karaoke. Since this week the characters that were perusing the restaurant were Mickey and Minnie, Harper's all time favorite, we decided to surprise her with a visit. I'm not sure if I've ever seen her so happy. The entire time we ate dinner she couldn't keep her eyes off the characters making their rounds. I'm pretty sure she high-fived them fifty different times (; 

5} The Next Few Days...
Today is my handsome hubby's 32nd birthday! Unfortunately, I'll be heading out of town come lunch time to attend one of my lifetime best friend's wedding which means there will be no celebrating today. But no fear, as soon as Olivia's wedding is over, we'll be making our way to the beach for the Holt family's annual beach trip so we'll be celebrating at a restaurant of Kevin's choice one day next week. (Side note: I don't necessarily advertise that I won't be in town but since my neighbor's are sheriff deputies and will be keeping an eye out and we'll be having people at our house with our dog, I don't mind throwing it out there)

Hope you ladies had a great week! I'll see you when I return but don't you worry ladies, I've got a few wonderful ladies lined up to take over this space next week so be sure to check back!

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{Weekend Recap} Decluttering Update + Dollar Spot Deals

Hey ladies! Sorry for my leave of absence. I took a little break last week to start my decluttering process. I'd like to say in my three day absence that I accomplished a lot but let's just say, this decluttering process took a bit longer than I'd planned. But it's looking great so far and I'm proud of the progress I've made already. If you'd like to declutter your own house this summer, you can read my tips here

On Friday, Kevin and I snuck out for a little day date while Harper was at daycare. We grabbed lunch at Olive Garden and finished out the afternoon with a trip to Target and Hobby Lobby. 

And let me just add ladies, the Target Dollar Spot has been restocked for the fall season and you ladies need to get up and go like NOW. I grabbed Harper some flash cards, Mickey Mouse books, and Crayola bath tub paints... all for $1 each. Can't beat that ladies so run don't walk!

Friday night, we grabbed dinner with my parents and friend, Brittni. After dinner, Brittni and I headed to Belks to catch their end of season sale. Of course, everything I had been keeping my eye on was sold out in my size, but I did manage to grab up Harper some cute Osh Kosh items for more than 75% off. If only adult clothes were this cute... and cheap!

Saturday Harper and I spent the day with Brittni while Kevin recovered from a long night at work. We headed to Greensboro to grab a lingerie gift for one of my life long best friends who will be tying the knot this weekend. Whoop whoop!  Then we made a pit stop at Target for some Starbucks frappuccinos and clearance priced sandals. I grabbed up these and these for Harper for less than $5 each!

We also returned a few things we'd ordered from Old Navy's fourth of July sale. I ended up returning the sleeveless tank dress that I'd purchased in cobalt blue (no longer available to link); as well as this red swing dress. The tank dress looked like a potato sack. Seriously, there's no other way to describe it. And despite how much I loved the red swing dress, it was a whole four inches shorter than the solid black and white with black stripes version I also ordered. Which is super weird. But that's what happens when things are made in China. 

Since we spent the day in Greensboro, I grabbed dinner from Chick fil a on our way home. But by 9pm, I was starving again, so Brittni headed to McDonalds to pick me up a large sweet tea and large fry. Can I just add that I didn't even ask her to do that? Best friend ever! Thank God she just lives less than a mile away (;

Sunday we were busy, busy, busy. We did the usual trip to church and lunch with my parents. Then afterwards, Harper and I headed to Harper's bff's for her 2nd birthday. Hutson was turning two and her party was celebrated "garden" style. It was super cute but sadly, I didn't snap any pictures. But Harper had a blast with Hutson and her new friend, Carsynn. 

We ended our Sunday night with a stroll through the neighborhood and a trip to the local ice cream bar. After all, it was #nationalicecreamday and that's all the incentive I really needed to go grab some (; 

Hope your weekends were filled with lots of fun (and ice cream)!

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Fun at Tweetsie Raildroad

A couple of weeks ago, during our family's staycation, we took a short day trip to Blowing Rock, NC with the in-laws for Harper's first amusement park experience. Since Harper is a total tomboy and loves all things transportation, Tweetsie Railroad was just her cup of tea.

The theme park is designed to look like a western town. When you enter the park, you pay for your "train" ticket. Then wander out of the station onto Main Street. On Main Street you'll find saloons filled with gift shops, food, and fun. All of which we indulged in while waiting for Harper's first train ride to see the Cowboys and Indians. 

After the train ride, we caught the chair lift up to the top of the mountain where we visited the petting zoo, played on the slide, and rode ride after ride. And can I just add, Harper rode the rides by herself?! I swear she may have looked scared out of her mind but as soon as the rides ended, she refused to get off and adamantly stated "again, again". 

We topped off our trip with a quick bite to eat and then finished up our day at the County Fair section of the park where the go kart, ferris wheel, and merry-go-round rides are unlimited!

All in all it was the perfect family outing and we can't wait to take Harper back again in the future. If you live in the area, definitely check it out! It's worth every.single.penny!

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