Guest Post: Christina of The New Mrs.

Hi, Momentary Moments in the Holt Household readers - I'm Christina and I'm stopping by from The New Mrs.  I'm a recent newlywed, mama to the cutest little puppy (in my opinion) and enjoying this adventure I call life with my husband, Derek.

In addition to some recipes, fashion and marriage topics, you can frequently find me talking on my blog about our travel adventures.  I love everything about travel - From researching the destination and planning the trip to deciding what to pack as well as of course actually enjoying the trip.

With Sara at the beach it has me starting to think about my own upcoming vacation which is part beach/pool/relax and part sightsee/adventure.  I'll be sharing some more of my packing favorites including accessories, essentials and what's in my beach bag next week on my blog so be sure to pop over and check it out.

Enjoying some sun during her summer vacation at the beach is probably what Sara is doing right now, so I thought this could be the perfect chance to share my summer vacation essentials and focus on some beach necessities…

vacation essentials

My Top Ten Summer Beach Trip Essentials:

Beach Hat:  Not only does it serve a purpose of blocking sun from your face but it's also the perfect fashion accessory to add to your beach look when you hit the sand.

Cross Body Bag:  When heading out for a casual dinner on or near the beach it's nice to have your hands free and just throw your essentials into a small side bag.

Gym Shorts: It's not all glamour - whether a morning bike ride or a late afternoon walk on the beach or even just lounging around the house/hotel - it's a good idea to have some gym shorts on hand.

Camera: Don't you want to remember the fun little moments of the trip, gorgeous sunsets and scenery that is surrounding you.

Sunscreen: Keeping your skin safe - Need I say more?

Cute Suits: While frolicking in the ocean, sitting in your beach chair or taking a stroll along the waters edge, a cute suit can brighten up your adventures on the trip.

Flip Flops:  The ultimate summer shoe.  My favorite part is how versatile a flip flop is - perfect for the beach, afternoon shopping or a night out.  One neutral pair and you're good to go!

Sunglasses:  Another need I say more type essential.

Straw Totes: This is getting a little picky, I know, but I love a beach bag that's not too big/not too small depending on the day.  If I'm going to be out on the beach or on a boat for an entire day then I might pack up my very large Hayden Reis tote.  If it's just a couple hours on the beach and I need to throw in sunscreen, a drink and some ice cream money, then a smaller straw tote will work perfectly!

Make Up Bag: If it's going to be a full day adventure or if the day is going to transition into night then it might be nice to have some makeup remover wipes (which also work perfectly to just refresh your face) as well as some mascara and lip gloss on hand.

And my bonus new favorite - Speakers.   My husband get a speaker for Christmas and we can't leave without it - it's little and doesn't take up a lot of space in the bag.

Thanks again, Sara for having me! I hope your having the best time on your beach getaway and can't wait to hear all about it.


  1. Thanks for having me today, Sara! Hope your enjoying your vacation!!

  2. Loving the bathing suit in that collage. So cute!!!

  3. Awwww, I love Christina. She came over to guest post for me weeks ago too :) I'm glad I found your blog!


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