{Baby Holt #2} Nursery Plans

When Kevin and I found out we were adding a little man to our family, there was no doubt in our minds what direction we wanted to go when it came to designing and decorating our little man's nursery. Knowing I love all things vintage and Kevin was and still is an avid baseball/softball player, we knew we wanted our little guy's nursery to be a vintage baseball themed space. 

When I first started working on an inspiration board, I had all intentions of creating a neutral room with pops of red. I was envisioning a space with burlap, linen, and touches of crimson ticking fabrics. I was thinking of using old Coca-Cola crates, cracker jack boxes, and a pair of red converse sneakers to tie in that vintage feel. So when I stumbled across the most adorable bedding on Etsy, I knew I could make my vision come to life.  And so I did when I created this little inspiration board. 

After showing Kevin my inspiration for Boston's nursery, he agreed that he loved it and told me to start making some purchases...starting with the bedding. Which is when we got some very bad news. The bedding that I had fallen in love with and used as the basis for my entire inspiration board was currently no longer in stock on ETSY and sadly, the seller would not be able to make another set like it. Can you say major bummer?!

After scouring the internet for hours on end, I just couldn't find any tan and red bedding that I liked enough to work with my vision so I decided to start over from scratch and come up with a new plan. After relooking through hundreds of bedding options, I stumbled across Restoration Hardware's bedding and fell in love with this gray and navy striped ticking bedding. The ticking stripes definitely gave a vintage vibe and I thought,  hey, let's see if I can make this work. So after an hour at my computer, I finally created another inspiration board I loved just as much as the first. And you know what? Kevin loved it even more! So without further ado, here's our plans for Boston's nursery. Fingers crossed the bedding doesn't sell out before I can get my hands on it... I don't know what I'll do if that happens!

What do you ladies think?! Is it fit for a future baseball player?! 

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{Weekend Recap} A Day Out with Thomas

Happy Monday, girls! This weekend was filled with rain, rain, and more rain. I'd like to say the end was in sight but if I did I would be lying. The rain started Friday morning and really hasn't let up since. Sadly, it appears that it's going to rain through this Friday based on the forecast. Needless to say, you can count on this mama being curled up in bed napping most of the week.

Despite the pouring rain, I decided to do a little shopping after work on Friday and ended up grabbing these adorable lace up booties at Belk. For just $30 they were a suitable lookalike to the Toms pair I've been eyeing so I decided to add these to my growing shoe collection. I'll be happy for this rain to stop so I can try them out with some skinny jeans and a piko top. 

Saturday we spent the morning sleeping in and hanging around the house. Since the rain kept us from wanting to do anything, including cooking, the hubs rode out and grabbed us some breakfast from Hardee's. After eating, I threw on some sweat pants to run to a local gift shop to snatch up a Simply Southern elephant tee before they sold out. Elephants are my thing you know (: 

When I returned home, I found Harper and Kevin in the play room. Harper had drug out everything imaginable and was wearing quite the get up. She looked adorable and I couldn't resist snapping a photo of her. She's an eccentric one (;

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Spencer, NC with the in-laws to spend the day with Thomas the Train and a few of his friends. Despite the gloomy day and the drizzling rain, we all had a great time. And thankfully, none of us ended up sick!

Sunday morning was homecoming at my parents church so we headed back there this Sunday instead of visiting my brother's church again. Afterwards we headed to Mom and Dad's for the usual lunch. Then headed back home where we spent the rest of the afternoon taking naps and watching cartoon after cartoon. I'm sure I won't win the mother of the year award for that one but sometimes a mama and her baby just needs some down time. 
Here's to hoping you guys had a fun (and dry!) weekend!

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{Home Tour} Kitchen

Good morning, friends! It came to my attention last week that it's been quite some time since I've shared photos of our home. The last time I shared photos was in this post and can I just say, our house has changed quite a bit since then. So over the next couple of weeks I thought it would be fun to share some of the changes we've made over the last couple of years. So without further ado, today I'd like to share our kitchen with you. 

When we first moved in, this space had wallpaper and ugly brick colored tile (refer to old home tour). Two years ago, while on vacation, my wonderful parents came over and ripped down the wallpaper for us. Thanks Mom and Dad!  Afterwards, we had the walls painted Baltimore Orieles by Valspar and had a family friend come in and add crown molding to the top of the kitchen. This past spring, we hired my cousin to come in and replace that ugly brick colored tile with these gorgeous handscraped hardwoods. The end result has my heart fluttering. 


For now, this room is finished. At some point, we have plans to replace the light fixture in the kitchen with a lantern style chandelier in a bronze finish. I've also been debating whether or not to have our cabinets painted white but with the black appliances, I just can't decide. Thoughts ladies?

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{Bucket List} Summer 2015 Recap

With tomorrow marking the first day of Autumn, I thought today was just the day to share what all we accomplished this summer from our summer bucket list that I shared back in June.

Watch some fireworks: We were able to catch some fireworks while we were at the beach this year. Harper wasn't a huge fan at the time but now, two months later, all she talks about is the fireworks and their different colors. (You can read about that trip here)

Blow bubbles: At the beginning of summer I put together Harper a summer fun bucket. In it I included two bubble wands I grabbed out of the dollar bin at Target. At this current moment, I'm pretty sure they're empty. One of Harper's favorite summer pastimes was spending time outside on the porch blowing bubbles.

Go out for ice cream: We spent many nights eating ice cream at home this summer. We grabbed ice cream a time or two with some family and friends. And even grabbed fro-yo at a local dairy bar. I'd say that's the culprit for this summer's weight gain (; 

Visit the Natural Science Center: Sadly, we didn't get to mark this item off our bucket list this summer. We'll have to add it to our list next year.

Visit the Zoo: Due to the scorching hot temperatures our zoo trip was postponed and it'll be going on our fall bucket list when the temperatures are much cooler here in NC.

Host a cookout: We hosted quite a few cookouts this summer. Entertaining is one of our absolute favorite things to do during the warmer months so it wasn't uncommon for us to have friends and family over three or four times a week during the summer. 

Host a barbecue: We threw a barbecue for Father's Day. You can read about it here.

Spend our days at the pool: It's safe to say we spent many days at the pool. At the beginning of the summer we joined a pool about five minutes from our house. Then in July, Kevin's aunt had a pool put in at her house and since she just lives three minutes from us, we ended up spending quite a bit of time at her house. 

Spend our weekends at the lake: We definitely didn't make it to the lake as much as we'd have liked this summer but we caught all the family cookouts so I certainly can't complain there (: 

Go to a car show: Our hometown hosts a car show every second Friday in the month so we were able to take in most of them this summer. 

Take a day trip somewhere: Our little family took a couple of day trips this summer. We took a trip to Boone and visited Tweetsie Railroad when school let out. You can read about that trip here.

Kevin and I also took a day and headed to Charlotte, NC to hit up IKEA and grab dinner at our favorite Japanese place. 

This summer was most definitely one of my favorites. Here's to hoping this fall will be even better. Be looking out for our fall bucket list! 

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{Weekend Recap} Friday Night Park Dates & Watching Airplanes

I'm not sure about you ladies, but this weekend flew by like a whirlwind. When I look back over the last few days, I'm not really sure what we did with all of our time to make it go by so quickly. 

Kevin was off Friday so as soon as my kiddos had left school, I was out the door and heading home to get in a few minutes of uninterrupted time with the hubby before we headed out to get our favorite little girl. After picking her up from daycare, we headed to a local park for a fundraiser for one of the student's at our school who will be having a liver transplant in the near future. The fundraiser consisted of a hot dog dinner and fun at the park. Both of which Harper indulged in to the fullest.

Saturday Kevin had to head back into work leaving Harper and I to ourselves for the day. We spent most of the morning laying around in our pajamas watching episodes of Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse... per Harper's request of course. Around lunch we got ourselves up and dressed and made a quick visit to see Kevin and his dad at work. As we were leaving Kevin's work, Harper requested we stop and get "cheeseburgers, fries, and tea". Since we were coming up on McDonald's I swung by the drive thru to grant her request. We weren't in the line two minutes between the time I ordered and paid but in that time, Harper fell asleep. For real. I turned around to hand her the meal she requested to see her snoozing soundly. I had to take a picture to prove it. 

After Harper snoozed away for an hour and a half, we headed to Danville with my friend Brittni to do a little fall shopping. I was on the hunt for some more fall decor and the deals at Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, and Target did not disappoint. I can't wait to share my finds with you all in my fall decor post that'll be coming up in a few weeks. And while we're on the topic of deals, I also scored some super great deals at Target for our little guy. Thanks to the end of summer clearance sale and a Cartwheel coupon for 30% off all infant and kids clothing, I picked up Boston seven pairs of shorts for next year and an outfit for the beach for less than $15! I just couldn't pass that up my friends. 

After our shopping trip, Harper, Brittni and I headed to my parents house where we had left B's car. Since it was nearing supper time we hung around their house until Kevin got off and could meet us there. While we waited on Mom and Dad to finish running errands before dinner, Harper and Kevin spent time playing soccer in the yard and watching airplanes fly by overhead. The sight melted this mama's heart. 

Yesterday, Kevin was working yet another twelve-hour long shift so it was just Harper and I again for the day. We spent our Sundays as we usually do. We headed to my brother's church with my mother-in-law and had an amazing worship service that involved dancing and the wave. Yes. I said that right. One of the youth in our church was baptized and after gathering around him in prayer, we all sang "Washed in the Water" concert style and danced the service away. I know to some this sounds odd but it felt amazing and didn't seem odd at all when you think in reality, those in heaven are dancing and shouting for joy at another life dedicated to serve our savior! 

After an amazing worship service, we headed to my parents' house for lunch with the family. After lunch, while Harper played with some of her new goodies my brother-in-law purchased for her over the weekend, I looked through all the outfits Mom has started collecting for our little guy. I can't begin to tell you how many adorable smocked outfits she's bought for Boston but I can tell you he's already got a nice start to his wardrobe. Next time I'm over, I'll try to remember to grab a picture of all of his adorable new duds he'll be sporting when he gets here. 

The rest of our Sunday evening was spent being lazy. Kevin picked us up a pizza on his way home from work. Not long after arriving home and eating, he was back out the door to play basketball at church with some of the guys. And just a few minutes later, my mother-in-law arrived to spend some time playing with Harper which allowed me a little down time to catch up on blogging as well as to watch a Hallmark movie I'd dvred. And as I'm talking Hallmark ladies, don't forget, this past weekend marked the beginning of all new Hallmark movies every weekend from now until Valentine's day. You're welcome. 

Happy Monday, friends!

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