{Bucket List} Summer 2015 Recap

With tomorrow marking the first day of Autumn, I thought today was just the day to share what all we accomplished this summer from our summer bucket list that I shared back in June.

Watch some fireworks: We were able to catch some fireworks while we were at the beach this year. Harper wasn't a huge fan at the time but now, two months later, all she talks about is the fireworks and their different colors. (You can read about that trip here)

Blow bubbles: At the beginning of summer I put together Harper a summer fun bucket. In it I included two bubble wands I grabbed out of the dollar bin at Target. At this current moment, I'm pretty sure they're empty. One of Harper's favorite summer pastimes was spending time outside on the porch blowing bubbles.

Go out for ice cream: We spent many nights eating ice cream at home this summer. We grabbed ice cream a time or two with some family and friends. And even grabbed fro-yo at a local dairy bar. I'd say that's the culprit for this summer's weight gain (; 

Visit the Natural Science Center: Sadly, we didn't get to mark this item off our bucket list this summer. We'll have to add it to our list next year.

Visit the Zoo: Due to the scorching hot temperatures our zoo trip was postponed and it'll be going on our fall bucket list when the temperatures are much cooler here in NC.

Host a cookout: We hosted quite a few cookouts this summer. Entertaining is one of our absolute favorite things to do during the warmer months so it wasn't uncommon for us to have friends and family over three or four times a week during the summer. 

Host a barbecue: We threw a barbecue for Father's Day. You can read about it here.

Spend our days at the pool: It's safe to say we spent many days at the pool. At the beginning of the summer we joined a pool about five minutes from our house. Then in July, Kevin's aunt had a pool put in at her house and since she just lives three minutes from us, we ended up spending quite a bit of time at her house. 

Spend our weekends at the lake: We definitely didn't make it to the lake as much as we'd have liked this summer but we caught all the family cookouts so I certainly can't complain there (: 

Go to a car show: Our hometown hosts a car show every second Friday in the month so we were able to take in most of them this summer. 

Take a day trip somewhere: Our little family took a couple of day trips this summer. We took a trip to Boone and visited Tweetsie Railroad when school let out. You can read about that trip here.

Kevin and I also took a day and headed to Charlotte, NC to hit up IKEA and grab dinner at our favorite Japanese place. 

This summer was most definitely one of my favorites. Here's to hoping this fall will be even better. Be looking out for our fall bucket list! 

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  1. Despite not making all of them it still sounds like you had a wonderful and fun summer :) and that you made a ton of memories which is the most important thing to remember :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie


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