{5 on Friday} Long Weekends + Catch Up Sessions

1} Hello, Long Weekend
Yall! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am that we are facing a three-day weekend! Can I get an AMEN?! We have so many exciting things planned for this weekend despite that the hubs won't be present for most of it :( But we make do. Tomorrow morning I'll be enjoying a girls' day shopping for some fall things at the outlets. Sunday Harper and I will be making our way to the lake for the day to enjoy a cookout with our entire family- aunts, uncles, cousins, and all! And of course on Monday, we'll be having our Baseballs or Bows gender reveal party! Last chance to cast your vote!

2} Baby Updates
While we're on the topic of Baby Holt #2, I'll be heading to the doctor's office after school to check up on our little lady/little man (sorry, can't give it away yet! haha) I am so anxious to hear that little heartbeat. It's truly one of the greatest sounds in the world. 

3} Big Girl Rooms
When Kevin and I started discussing adding another member to our family, we knew right away that when the time came, we'd be moving Harper into the guest room across the hall and we'd just redecorate her current nursery for the newest member of our family. After all we just couldn't see ourselves buying more baby furniture when Harper could simply sleep in the bigger bed across the hall. So at the beginning of the year, I started thinking ahead and decided I'd start buying things here and there for her room so that when the time came we'd have all that we needed. Well that was January and since January the only thing I've purchased is Harper's bedding. There really hasn't been a rush because I figured I wouldn't move Harper into her new room until closer to Christmas since the newest member of the family won't be making his/her debut until the end of February or beginning of March. But here lately, Harper has been wanting to lay with me each night before going to bed so I feel like this may be the perfect opportunity to transition her into a newer room as we can just lay in there each night instead of laying in mine and Kevin's room. However, this puts a little hitch in my plans as now I need to get to work quickly on transforming our plain guest room into a room fit for the cutest little girl ever. The problem is... I'm completely stuck. Call it pregnancy brain if you will. Any of you ladies have ideas for little girl's spaces?! I could use them!

4} Catch Up Session + A Funny
Yesterday I met up with my friend Alyson for a much needed girls' dinner. It's been far too long since Aly and I chatted and we had so much to talk about. We ended up sitting at the restaurant for over two hours just chatting away. I'm sure our waitress was wondering when we were going to leave haha And while we were enjoying a great dinner together, the hubs and the best friend ended up going to dinner together. On my way to meet Aly I had mentioned to Kevin Brittni was wanting to grab mexican for supper so if he wanted mexican too he should call her up and I'd just come meet them when I finished up with my dinner with Aly. But somehow I missed the message that Kevin and B were going and they ended up eating dinner alone. And of course, they saw numerous people they knew who looked at them real funny seeing as how my husband and best friend were dining together and I wasn't there. ha Small town, folks. I'm sure the rumors are flying. haha

5} A Few Snapshots from the Week
Sometimes I don't quite get all of our memories on the blog each week and I hate that. So like Jessica over at The Newly does, I've decided Fridays will be the perfect time to share those photos that just don't make it to the blog. But don't worry, I won't overload you this week. I only have two to share.

This week we finally got a landscaper to come out to our house and trim up, cut back, and pull up weeds. Our previous landscaper got hurt back in April so our lawn was in desperate need of some TLC. Needless to say, you can see they had their work cut out for them. This pile of debris is nearly six feet tall and spans about twenty feet. I promise I apologized to the city workers who have to clear it!

On Wednesday night we grabbed dinner with some of our friends at Texas Roadhouse. Harper is absolutely in love with both Griffin and Elijah and she hasn't stopped talking about eating with them since. Of course, every time they're together I have to grab a snapshot of them. You never know, she may need these photos for her wedding one day (; 

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  1. What is Harper into? I am all about soft, vintage, light little girls rooms, but I would say at her age let her be involved a bit, maybe ask her what her FAVORITE color is and work off of that!
    I bet you are just DYING keeping in what your little one will be ;-) excited to find out after your reveal!


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