{Weekend Recap} A Day Out with Thomas

Happy Monday, girls! This weekend was filled with rain, rain, and more rain. I'd like to say the end was in sight but if I did I would be lying. The rain started Friday morning and really hasn't let up since. Sadly, it appears that it's going to rain through this Friday based on the forecast. Needless to say, you can count on this mama being curled up in bed napping most of the week.

Despite the pouring rain, I decided to do a little shopping after work on Friday and ended up grabbing these adorable lace up booties at Belk. For just $30 they were a suitable lookalike to the Toms pair I've been eyeing so I decided to add these to my growing shoe collection. I'll be happy for this rain to stop so I can try them out with some skinny jeans and a piko top. 

Saturday we spent the morning sleeping in and hanging around the house. Since the rain kept us from wanting to do anything, including cooking, the hubs rode out and grabbed us some breakfast from Hardee's. After eating, I threw on some sweat pants to run to a local gift shop to snatch up a Simply Southern elephant tee before they sold out. Elephants are my thing you know (: 

When I returned home, I found Harper and Kevin in the play room. Harper had drug out everything imaginable and was wearing quite the get up. She looked adorable and I couldn't resist snapping a photo of her. She's an eccentric one (;

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Spencer, NC with the in-laws to spend the day with Thomas the Train and a few of his friends. Despite the gloomy day and the drizzling rain, we all had a great time. And thankfully, none of us ended up sick!

Sunday morning was homecoming at my parents church so we headed back there this Sunday instead of visiting my brother's church again. Afterwards we headed to Mom and Dad's for the usual lunch. Then headed back home where we spent the rest of the afternoon taking naps and watching cartoon after cartoon. I'm sure I won't win the mother of the year award for that one but sometimes a mama and her baby just needs some down time. 
Here's to hoping you guys had a fun (and dry!) weekend!

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  1. We have had nothing but rain as well! It's kind of put me in a crappy mood haha, But like you, I have done a little shopping because what else is a girl to do when she is stuck inside? :P ... I love Harp's little outfit in the last picture! Looks like a little teenager!!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  2. Those booties are so stinking cute! Love this recap

  3. I have a similar pair of those booties and you will love them - they go with everything! Those t-shirts are adorable!

  4. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Those booties are going to look great with skinny jeans!

  5. It rained over here too! But I am loving the wedges you picked out! Have you worn them yet? Or is it still raining by yall?

    I love that tee too, it looks great, can't wait to see what it looks like when it's on yall. Harper is adorable. Sophie's getting into the habit of playing dress up too, it's so cute isn't it?

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  6. I've been looking for similar booties! I'm sure you'll find so many uses for them. It's been so rainy in Toronto, too!

    Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

  7. Those booties are so so cute! Can't wait to see how you wear them on upcoming weekends!

  8. Loving those Simply Southern shirts you got- I want to buy some of their shirts for my besties back home in Maine for Christmas this year!

    xoxo A

  9. I love those t-shirts and Harper's outfits are too freaking cute.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  10. Awww!! This is simply the cutest!! Great post.

    Sara Kate Styling

  11. Aw! Another amazing weekend!! Those shoes are so cute! I can totally imagine them with skinnies and a piko (and maybe a plaid scarf)!

    xo Ashley

  12. Those booties are super cute, I used to have a similar pair that I wore all the time. Hopefully the rain goes away soon!

  13. You've sent the rain my way, that's for sure! Love those booties...great find! x Nicole | www.changeanddress.com

  14. These booties are the cutest! Also, loving that outfit and your weekend! Sounds like fun, despite all the rain!

  15. Love the booties! That's really an amazing deal.

    xo // www.thematerialgirl.co


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