Our "Wedding"

Most of you are not aware that Kevin and I got "married" back in February. It was a beautiful ceremony in which my teammates were happy to step in. Watch the video and you'll understand (:

Here is the video of our lovely soloist... Miss Kary Diorio (:


How to Make a Beautiful Life Together

So today at school one of the teachers I work with gave me a card that I just had to share with the internet world.

How to Make a Beautiful Life Together

Let love be your shelter.
The world is noisy and confusing at times,
so make a home that is a haven,
a peaceful place where you can listen to your hearts
and savor the comfortable closeness you share.

No matter how busy your days may be,
make time for yourselves.
Hold hands.
Surprise each other.
Find little chances every day to show you're grateful
to be partners, to be friends, to be married.

Life is not perfect.
You will make mistakes
but each time you meet life's challenges together,
you will grow wiser, stronger, and surer of your love.

Cherish your yesterdays.
They are irreplacable souveniers of your journey through life.
Make memories that will bring smiles and sighs whenever you look back.
(Look back often!)

Look forward, too.
Dream together.
Plan together.
Make promises to keep.
Believe in your tomorrows,
because tomorrows are what forever is made of.

To make love last,
put each other first.
That is the way to make a beautiful life together,
the kind of life you both deserve so much.


A Sudden Urge to Travel

For the past 6 weeks, I have had these very sudden and very strong urges to travel pretty much anywhere and everywhere! I cannot pinpoint the exact catalyst of this urge but I have a pretty good suspicion that it has been caused by two events. One being that now all I want to do is go outside due to the gorgeous weather and beautiful blooming flowers. The second reason being that since I'm fixing to get married, I have all of these hopes and dreams of weekend getaways with my soon to be hubby! Either way, the thought of traveling is a constant in my mind.

Over the past few weeks I've come up with a list of places I want to go within the next year. They are as follows:
1. Greenville, SC- I had the opportunity to visit Greenville, SC five years ago when I was doing the whole college-hunt thing. While I was there, I fell head over heels in love with the city. It was as if it came straight out of a movie. Downtown is lined with little shops and boutiques and has an abundance of little restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops that include the black iron wraught tables that sit out front where customers can sit and drink their coffee and eat their delectable goodies. The streets contain black post lamps that illuminate the sidewalks and little shops at night. In the evenings, you can see couples walking hand-in-hand along the sidewalks or families holding a little toddler's hand while pushing a stroller with the other. Its just like a movie scene! Not too far from downtown is a large park! This park is really why I love the city! The park has a swinging bridge and a huuuuuge waterfall that is just absolutely perfect! The park is gorgeous with it's rivers, bridges, and abundance of tulips, daisies, orchids, and a variety of other flowers. The park itself is also perfect for a movie set. As you walk the trails, you will see couple's picnicing together on blankets, families laughing and playing, and of course, you will see men and women throwing frisbees to their beloved dogs! Its just absolutely perfect!

2. Charleston, SC- I absolutely, without a doubt, want to go visit Charleston Waterfront Park at least once in my lifetime! The thought of just sitting on park benches overlooking the water at sunset or sunrise is soooo unbelievably appealing to me. Just the thought relaxes me! I also would love to go visit many of the historic plantation homes that are located in Charleston! I love history and just the thought of walking where so much history took place gives me chills.

3. Washington, DC- As a history buff, you have to understand I can't get enough of Washington! In fact, when I was doing the whole college hunt thing, I considered going to George Washington University just so I could be right in the heart of D.C. Its been a while since I've been to D.C. and its been even longer since Kevin has been, so I'd love to take him to show him all that has changed. I want to go walk the steps to the Lincoln Memorial. I want to walk into the center of the Library of Congress and slowly turn around and see the spines of 33 million books. I want to sit in the presence of the Supreme Court justices and hear them deliberate constitutional issues. I want to walk all 897 steps of the Washington Monument... however, I think I'll take the elevator down. I want to visit the Vietnam Memorial and look up Michael J. Mummel's name again. I want to walk around Arlington National Cemetary and be humbled and become more appreciative of the 300,000 men and women who gave up their lives for MY freedom. I want to visit the Holocaust Museum and see how fortunate I am to not have to live under such oppression. I want to visit Ford's Theater and see where President Lincoln was shot, as I've never had the opportunity to do so. I want to go to the International Spy Museum and play around with all of the equipment that US Spies can use! Its soooo much fun! Of course, I HAVE to visit the National Air and Space Museum seeing as how The Wright Brothers are my relatives. And I guess while we are there, I have to take Kevin to the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium so he can watch his beloved Redskins play. All in all, you can tell, it is by far my favorite place in the whole entire world and the one place I most definitely have to go visit by the end of the year!