So Unbelievably Proud!

As all those close to me know, my closest friends and I have entitled ourselves the "Quad Pod". Olivia gave us that name a few years ago and what do you know? It stuck! The Quad Pod consists of three of my very best friends that I have had since first grade! We all attended Community Baptist together and no matter where life has taken us, we have always stayed in touch and retained our amazing friendship. Over the years we have had the opportunity to share so much with each other and now, I'm so excited to get to spend time watching my best friend make all her dreams come true.

Over the last year and a half, me and the other two quad pod members have gotten to watch, as well as cheer, Kristy on as she has pursued her future career in modeling. We have cheered her on as she has competed for the past two years in the Miss North Carolina Pageant and we got to see her place 4th out of all the girls! We have even seen her compete against 800 girls and come out in the top 25! But none of that compares to what we got to see this week! I could not be more happy than I am for my best friend right now because this past Sunday, my best friend left for Los Angeles! She had the amazing opportunity to go there to model for a company! I'm just so excited for her and am so happy that she is able to experience all that she ever dreamed of in life!