My Patriotic Wreath & A New Opportunity

I feel like I say this every few posts but I'm sorry that I haven't been posting y'all! I have been so caught up crafting, cleaning, & organizing this past week that I just haven't had time to sit down and blog. However, with all of my crafting, cleaning, and organizing, I have lots of new things to share with you ladies so keep coming back. I should have posts daily (fingers crossed); If not, hopefully, every other day! Now let me share one of this week's projects!

Several months ago I came across a super cute patriotic wreath on Pinterest and decided to pin it to one of my pin boards. Lucky for me, two of my friends pinned the same wreath, so we decided to get together and make them at the same time (yay for sharing materials and saving $$$). When we finished our wreaths, I took a picture and placed it on all of the social networks (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Little did I know that wreath was going to be a big hit! After about the tenth person asking me about my wreath, I realized an opportunity had come knocking at my door and I decided I was going to accept it.What was the opportunity you ask? Well for the last week, I've been crafting and making wreaths for friends, family, and my fellow church members. And you know what? I have loved every minute of it. I'm not sure how long this opportunity will last but I hope to keep it up for some time. It has given me something to do over my summer break and it's helped me earn a little extra spending money for projects around the house! So with the 4th of July looming just around the corner, I'm going to spend the rest of my summer break getting a head start on some fun and cute fall wreaths for my future customers!!!(: Who knows maybe you ladies will want one?! 

Here's my wreath on my door! 

Well I'm off to finish another project that I'll be blogging about in a few days! Can't wait to share it!!!(:

 See you ladies tomorrow! 


Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Bryson Terrell!

After six years of dating, my friend Lauren finally tied the night with her handsome sweetie! Their wedding was held at the Hayloft in McLeansville, NC at 5:00pm. Thankfully the rain held off and the wedding went on without a hitch (: And of course knowing me, you know I snapped you guys a ton of pictures! Enjoy!


That time we celebrated our 1st anniversary & I forgot to blog about it...

Well the hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on May 21st..(over a month ago, I know) and I completely forgot to blog about it! So let me fill you in on the details which actually take place over an entire month (:

The two of us both had to work on the day of our anniversary so we decided to go out the weekend before and celebrate. Because baseball & softball have played a huge part in our dating and married life, the two of us headed out to watch the Greensboro Grasshoppers,  our local Minor League baseball team, play. We chose to eat at the game and stuffed our faces with delicious fried chicken fingers and french fries. They were so unhealthy but worth every single bite! After the game was over we headed over to Krispy Kreme and got some hot & fresh donuts... just like we'd do after dinner during date nights! 

Our actual anniversary fell on a Monday so when we got home from work we headed out to Jaycee Park for the hubby's softball game. Many of my coworkers asked if it upset me that I had to spend my first wedding anniversary sitting at a ball field instead of at a nice fancy restaurant but in all honesty...it didn't bother me at all. Jaycee Park is the first place we met and was the very place where we had our first conversation so it couldn't have been more perfect. 

Because our anniversary fell during the school year, we couldn't take a trip anywhere. So when school finished up at the beginning of June, Kevin and I headed to the beach. Unfortunately, I didn't take hardly any pictures of our vacation. But we enjoyed every minute of it. We slept in every morning, got up and got breakfast, then laid out on the beach till a little after lunch. Then we'd come back in get ready and head out. We had dinner at our favorite restaurants, did some shopping, and went and played bingo one night. Cheesy I know, but we won!  

All in all, it was an amazing first anniversary and I can't wait for many, many more!


Lions, Tigers, & Bears..Oh My!

Every year, Kevin and I take a trip to the Ashboro Zoo. It was a tradition that we did not intend to start but somehow we did. It started three years ago when Kevin and Alex (the one from my previous post) attended the Ashboro Zoo with me and my education team. The following year, Kevin attended the zoo with me, my sister, and nephew on my nephew's field trip. Then last year, the two of us went to the zoo with the Teasley's; one of Kevin's best friend's, his wife,  & daughter. Before we knew it, we realized we'd set a tradition of going every year. Not wanting to break what we'd somehow began, we headed to the Ashboro Zoo last Sunday with Emily, Daniel, & Samantha. We had a blast. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! The high was 79 degrees and not once did we break a sweat!

Fun times with the Fam

And a few of the animals


Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Alex McCollum

This time last week, Kevin and I attended Alex McCollum & Cydney King's wedding. Alex is one of Kevin's lifelong friends and a few years ago, he became one of my closest guy friends. Kevin and I owe our marriage all to Alex. Had it not been for him pushing for us to date, we might never have discovered how perfect we were for each other.

Their wedding was held at 6pm at the Hayloft in McLeansville, NC. The Hayloft is just what it's name implies. It sits on an old farm and the owners converted the hayloft into a reception hall. The two were married on the lawn and the reception was held in the hayloft itself. The entire event was short and simple but beautiful all the same!

I took a ton of pictures but I'll limit myself and just share a few...and by a few, I mean about 10 (:


We interrupt this blogging absence...

Hi ladies, I have not forgotten you all! It's been a crazy month! There have been so many times that I have sat down, pulled my computer up, opened up a blog page, and had no idea how or where to start. I wouldn't call it writer's block, I'd just call it life. It's as simple as that. In the last month, our family has been rocked back and forth with all sorts of life events. Some of those life events have been happy, some scary, and some downright sad. So let me fill you in on what's been going on in the Holt's lives in the last month.

It all started back on Monday, May 7. Like every Monday night, Kevin had a ball game. That afternoon I was coming down with a migraine so I told Kevin that I'd drive separate from him to his ball game so that when the game was over, I could head on home and he could hang around and watch the games going on after he played. So when his game ended, I gave him a kiss and hug and headed home. Around 9:30pm, Kevin still hadn't come home so I sent him a text telling him I was going to bed and I'd see him in the morning. About ten minutes later, my phone rang. It was laying on the floor so I rolled over and checked the caller id to see that it was my husband. Figuring he was calling to tell me he was on his way home, I ignored the call and rolled back over. A few short moments later my phone rang again. Like I did before, I rolled over and saw my husband's handsome face on the caller id. I started to ignore the call again but then I had a thought that my husband might possibly be stranded at the field. He often gives his car keys to his cousin to keep in his bat bag for him and sometimes his cousin forgets and leaves the field with them. It's happened before so I decided to give in, get up and answer his call in case I needed to go get him and take him to Daniel's to get his keys. I answered with a weak "hey" as my head was pounding at this point only to get a reply of "Babe, I've been in a wreck". My headache completely forgotten, I jumped straight up and said, "What?! Are you ok?". My husband, being the casual and calm person he is says, "I'm ok but I need you to come up here!". Knowing my husband and how he'll sugarcoat stuff so I don't worry, I began to panic. A million thoughts were running through my head. I asked him where he was and told him I'd be right there. With tears streaming down my face, I rushed out the door in my pajamas and headed to where he was waiting! When I arrived, I found his poor battered Mustang sitting on the side of the road but my husband wasn't in it. As I started to look around, I saw him standing near another vehicle talking with a guy. Seeing him standing there with no cuts or bruises, my heart weakened and the tears came again. I sent up a quick prayer in thanks to God and ran to my husband giving him the biggest hug I could muster. Unfortunately, the whole side of his car was totaled. In the end, the insurance company ended up fixing Kevin's Mustang which was a total shock to us considering the damage was almost two times more than the car was worth. However, it was a relief because having just bought my Lexus and paid off Kevin's Corvette, we didn't really want to go fork out another 40k to purchase a new vehicle at this point. But the fact that they fixed his car was an answer to prayer and it also did us a favor. Kevin has had the car since high school and refuses to get rid of it because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it's great for him to drive back and forth to work. However, it truly needed a new paint job because the red paint had seriously faded over time. But having had to repair half the car, the insurance company repainted it which saved us a ton of money in the end. So thanks to God, something good came out of it! (Oh and btw, the accident wasn't my husband's fault. An older gentleman ran a stop sign! Just realized I didn't put that in there!)

The following Sunday, as I was waiting for the church service to begin, I received a text message from Kevin's mom saying that Kevin's aunt had passed away. I couldn't believe it. Kevin's aunt Beverly had been placed in the hospital a month or so before and had been given a short time to live. However, over the last month she had shown significant improvement. She had gained 40 pounds, was eating on her own, and the doctors were talking of releasing her to go home. The day before she died she was even walking again..something she hadn't done in months! It came as a huge shock to the family as well as the health care providers. But out of this tragic and sad event, some good did come out of it. After the funeral several of Kevin's family members talked to me and told me how they realized it was time for them to get back in church and start serving God more because they realized how short life really was; as Bev passed away at the age of 52. Also, out of this event, we got to spend quite a bit of time with Kevin's uncle and his family. Uncle Mark and his family live in Virginia so we don't see them except for Thanksgiving and New Year's. However, with this life changing event, we've spent quite a bit of time with them since the funeral and we've planned lots of events together for the near future which I am super ecstatic about!

Now for some cheerful news! Kevin and I celebrated our first anniversary on May 21st! I'll tell you more about it in a separate blog in a week or so when we return from our anniversary vacation!!(: I've also finished up my first year of teaching! It was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't have been more blessed with an amazing class. I hated to see all of my babies go and I even considered moving up and looping with them next year in 4th grade. However, after much contemplation, I decided to hang around in 3rd grade again next year. And is it sad to say that I've already started planning for next year and I've only been out for a week?! haha

Anyways, now that I've gotten you caught up on life's little events, I hope I can get back to blogging full time again. There are several other events that have occurred in the last month that I didn't mention but I'll be blogging about them separately. So keep coming back ladies and I should be here!

Have a great day and I should see you tomorrow!