Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Alex McCollum

This time last week, Kevin and I attended Alex McCollum & Cydney King's wedding. Alex is one of Kevin's lifelong friends and a few years ago, he became one of my closest guy friends. Kevin and I owe our marriage all to Alex. Had it not been for him pushing for us to date, we might never have discovered how perfect we were for each other.

Their wedding was held at 6pm at the Hayloft in McLeansville, NC. The Hayloft is just what it's name implies. It sits on an old farm and the owners converted the hayloft into a reception hall. The two were married on the lawn and the reception was held in the hayloft itself. The entire event was short and simple but beautiful all the same!

I took a ton of pictures but I'll limit myself and just share a few...and by a few, I mean about 10 (:

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