That time we celebrated our 1st anniversary & I forgot to blog about it...

Well the hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on May 21st..(over a month ago, I know) and I completely forgot to blog about it! So let me fill you in on the details which actually take place over an entire month (:

The two of us both had to work on the day of our anniversary so we decided to go out the weekend before and celebrate. Because baseball & softball have played a huge part in our dating and married life, the two of us headed out to watch the Greensboro Grasshoppers,  our local Minor League baseball team, play. We chose to eat at the game and stuffed our faces with delicious fried chicken fingers and french fries. They were so unhealthy but worth every single bite! After the game was over we headed over to Krispy Kreme and got some hot & fresh donuts... just like we'd do after dinner during date nights! 

Our actual anniversary fell on a Monday so when we got home from work we headed out to Jaycee Park for the hubby's softball game. Many of my coworkers asked if it upset me that I had to spend my first wedding anniversary sitting at a ball field instead of at a nice fancy restaurant but in all honesty...it didn't bother me at all. Jaycee Park is the first place we met and was the very place where we had our first conversation so it couldn't have been more perfect. 

Because our anniversary fell during the school year, we couldn't take a trip anywhere. So when school finished up at the beginning of June, Kevin and I headed to the beach. Unfortunately, I didn't take hardly any pictures of our vacation. But we enjoyed every minute of it. We slept in every morning, got up and got breakfast, then laid out on the beach till a little after lunch. Then we'd come back in get ready and head out. We had dinner at our favorite restaurants, did some shopping, and went and played bingo one night. Cheesy I know, but we won!  

All in all, it was an amazing first anniversary and I can't wait for many, many more!

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