Lions, Tigers, & Bears..Oh My!

Every year, Kevin and I take a trip to the Ashboro Zoo. It was a tradition that we did not intend to start but somehow we did. It started three years ago when Kevin and Alex (the one from my previous post) attended the Ashboro Zoo with me and my education team. The following year, Kevin attended the zoo with me, my sister, and nephew on my nephew's field trip. Then last year, the two of us went to the zoo with the Teasley's; one of Kevin's best friend's, his wife,  & daughter. Before we knew it, we realized we'd set a tradition of going every year. Not wanting to break what we'd somehow began, we headed to the Ashboro Zoo last Sunday with Emily, Daniel, & Samantha. We had a blast. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! The high was 79 degrees and not once did we break a sweat!

Fun times with the Fam

And a few of the animals

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  1. I love going to the zoo. So much fun. What a great tradition to continue


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