I Got What Was Coming to Me

Well as most of you know from my facebook status, I finally got what was coming to me.... my very first ticket!

Yesterday, I was at work and decided at five minutes till 4 that I was gonna leave work and go see Kevin on his 4 o'clock break. I wasn't really in a rush because it only takes about 7 minutes to get there. Well as I was rounding the curve on McCoy Rd, I noticed I'd picked up speed and hit my breaks to reduce it. Just as I made my way around the curve, I saw a policeman. My first thought was "OH great!". I passed him and he just sat there. When I got to the stop light, I looked and he was behind me but he didn't have his lights on. I turned at the light and made my way down the road, well a minute later he turns his lights on and I pulled over. He came over to my car and proceeded to tell me that he pulled me for doing 55 in a 35! I was in shock! I mean I know I had picked up speed on that curve but not that much and if I was going so fast, why didn't he pull me back on that road! I didn't really know what to say! He asked for my drivers license and registration so I gave him my license. When I opened my glove compartment my old registration card was lying on top. He said he'd need my new one so I started looking for it. I told him I might not be able to find it because of all the stuff I had. I knew I could, I was just making conversation since he seemed in a hurry. Well he told me no problem he'd just pull it up on his computer.

As I sat there on the side of the road, I looked in my rear view mirror and what do I see? A blue truck with silver stripes! Of course, of all times, my brother is coming down the road. After he passes me, he goes up to the next road, turns around, and heads back my way. As he passes me, he rolls down his window and waves and grins! I think I could have beat him at the time :P haha He thought it was hilarious that his baby sister finally got pulled over!

After what seemed like forever, the cop returned to my car and tells me he wrote me up for 55 in a 35 and that he fined me $30 as well for failing to show my registration! Oh boy, was I mad then! All I could think was "what a butt hole!" It wasn't that I couldn't find my registration, he just said he'd pull it up so I stopped looking for my card! I'd have kept looking if I'd known it was gonna cost me! And where was my warning for speeding?! I'd never even been pulled over before! I had a clean driving record!

So now, I'm in the process of having to find a good lawyer. I'm sure tomorrow my mailbox will be overflowing with letters from lawyers, so thankfully they can come to me; I don't have to look for them.

But on the bright side, this experience has taught me something; I'm learning to not worry about things I can't change. There is no point of being angry at myself or at him. Its over and done with. Now I have to learn from the consequences. And I do have to admit, I'm thankful that that officer was doing his job and stopped me from speeding (though I wasn't going as fast as he said!). And who knows, him stopping me might have possibly prevented me from some other major catastrophe. So I guess I have to look at the bright side and say that maybe this ticket was the best thing that could have happened to me!


The Moore's Annual Beach Trip

So this past week, Kevin and I went to the beach with my family for the Moore's annual beach trip. My family left on Saturday, but I stayed behind until Sunday because Kevin had to work Sunday and I was a little nervous about him driving 4 hours (in the dark) after working for 12 hours, so I stayed behind & I must say, it was completely worth it. We had a great time joking around and cutting up on the way to the beach. Kevin also took me to Pizza Inn in Rockingham, NC for dinner because I'd never been there and he insists that its the best pizza ever! I have to say, Pizza Station is better in my opinion, but thats ok, it was something new!

On our first day at the beach, we went and hung out on the ocean. It was so nice. After we got some sun, we came in and got showers and went out. Kevin's family has a tradition that when they come to the beach, they always eat at Nakato's Japanese Steakhouse. It seems now that my family has adopted that tradition too. Its seriously the best Japanese food ever! So we all had dinner at Nakato's and went and played a round of putt putt afterwards. As most people know, Kevin is very competitive when it comes to putt putt and I warned him that my dad was too! I don't think he believed me until my dad beat him. And not only did my dad beat him, I beat him too :P I was pretty excited!

On our second day, we began the day again by spending our morning laying around on the sand and cooling down in the ocean. When we came in and got ready, we decided to go have lunch at Chick-fil-a. Kevin had been dying to try their new Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I think it was a little spicier than he thought it would be! Since we were already dressed up, we decided to catch a movie at Broadway after we ate. We chose to go see Jonah Hex. Don't waste your money! The movie sucked and it only lasted for 73 minutes! It was a rip off. But anyways, we were hungry when we got out of the movie so we went back to the house and decided to fix grilled cheese sandwiches. It was the first time we'd ever cooked together and it was definitely memorable! We had so much fun attempting to make them perfect! The rest of the day was spent chilling at the house, putting together a 550-pc puzzle (that I never want to see again), and playing around on the wii fit trying to beat each other's scores.

Day 3 at the beach began a little differently. Kevin and I joined my family for breakfast when they went out. Afterwards, I went shopping with my family while Kevin and my nephew chose to spend the afternoon in the ocean. When they got tired, Kevin came and met me at Tanger Outlets and we did a little walking around. There is a Red Lobster near by and I mentioned how I'd never ate there so he told me it was time that I go there so thats where we had dinner. After we stuffed ourselves on their amazing cheesy garlic rolls, we decided to take the top off the Corvette and go cruising on the strip. It amazes me how many people love Kevin's car! He got all kinds of comments and compliments! (he says its all because of the stripes!) Anyways, we got in kinda early and just chilled around the house but around 10pm we got a little hungry so we decided to make a Krispy Kreme run & boy am I glad we did, the hot and now sign was on when we got there! So we got 2 dozen donuts and I'm pretty sure they were all gone when we left! haha

Our last day at the beach was spent much the same as the second day. Kevin and I went to the ocean with my nephew and when we came in we got ready to go to Olive Garden with the family. Afterwards we went and saw A-Team at Broadway. It was soooo good! I loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes comedies. It was so funny! When the movie let out, we walked around Broadway for a few hours and then went home to go to bed.

Then on Friday at lunch, we left to come home! I was kind of sad that the week was over but at the same time, I was glad to come home because we were coming home to see Kevin's new cousin for the first time! And I can't be too sad, we're heading back to the beach for a full week in just 3 very short weeks!

A few pics from our trip...

The House (:

Putt Putt Night!

Beach Bums :P

The Puzzle I'd Be Happy to Never See Again!


Love Lets Us See Normal Things in an Extraordinary Way

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to sit and read quotes and song lyrics. I could sit and read them comfortably for hour upon hours. I have often wondered where my fascination comes from and I have come to the conclusion that my interest in quotes and song lyrics are often from my inability to find the words to express my feelings. Its always rewarding to find that quote or lyric that expresses exactly how you feel without you having to come up with the words yourself.

Well, a few weeks ago I was rather bored and so I began searching quotes on the internet. As I flipped from page to page, I came to a quote that said "love lets us see normal things in an extraordinary way". Apparently this quote really spoke to me because I could not seem to get it out of my head. Yet, I really couldn't figure out why it was in my head in the first place. Usually, I read a quote and I like it and remember it for a few days but then I find a new one and that one replaces the old. Yet, this one has stayed there over the course of a few weeks no matter how many quotes I have came across that I liked.

As I contemplated this quote, I began to discover the truth in it. As I look back over Kevin and my relationship, I realize that those simple, little, mundane things in our relationship mean so much to me. Now don't get me wrong, I love the big things too but its those ordinary, every day moments that give me that feeling of joy and happiness in my heart.

I love it when Kevin and I are at church and when the preacher begins to pray, he reaches for my hand. I love that when we watch a movie and I lay down with my head in his lap, he'll play with my hair and will kiss the top of my head every little bit. I love it when he drives down the road or we're sitting side-by-side at a restaurant and he puts his hand on my knee. I love when we're at the ball field, he'll sit behind me so that I can lean back on his knees. I love when we go to a restaurant he always lets me sit in the seat that faces the door because I don't like having my back to it (I always like to see who comes in!). I love that when I go home every night he waits up for me to text him to let him know I made it home ok before he will go to sleep. I love how every day that we ride in a car together, we constantly look for Volkswagon Beetles to see who can punch each other first (haha!). I love how when we lay in his bed watching tv, if I'm not cuddling with him, he'll tell me to "get over here" while dragging me towards him at the same time. I love how when we go to eat, we try to catch the other eating without having said their blessing. I love that we ride down the road and see old, abandon houses falling in and we both say, "babe! there's our house!" or "babe, its a keeper!" at the same time!

Its these normal things (and so many more!)that love allows me to see in an extraordinary way!