30 Days of Wedding Memories: Bachelorette Party

Here's my Bachelorette Party in Pictures (:

This is what I looked like when I went out!

The girls and I headed to Kabuto's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner
Emily, Hannah, Olivia, Kristy

Emilia, Kary, Emily, & Alicia

Alyson, me, Misty 

After dinner we headed to Greene's for some karaoke and dancing!

Alicia & Kary getting ready to karaoke!

And of course we ended the night with a photo shoot! 
Our typical fashion (:
Me & My Lovely Ladies

Me & My teaching team favorites!

Best friends since first grade!

My best friend/ favorite neighbor in the whole wide world (:
Overall, it was an eventful night that I will never forget. It was the best night out a girl could ever ask for!


Weekend Bargains

So I did a little shopping over the last week and I just have to share my bargains! Enjoy ladies!

$12.99 @ Marshalls

$8.49 @ Rue 21

$12.49 @ Rue 21

$13.99 @ Rue 21

$10.00 @ Rue 21

$6 at Rue 21

I also bought a pair of black dress pants from New York & Company for $18.19

Overall, it was a successful shopping weekend! All the stores had excellent buys!

30 Days of Wedding Memories: Invitations

Not only did I make our save the dates, I also made our wedding invitations. Though unlike our save the dates, these came in a package so I didn't have to design them! 

Right before Kevin and I got engaged, I came across several boxes of these invitations on sale for $10 a box at TJ Maxx. When I came across these, I hadn't thought about my plan for invitations. I assumed I'd order some online but I thought since they were so inexpensive, I would purchase all they had and if I found something later on that I liked better, I'd return them. Lucky for me, I never found anything I liked better so I spent a total of $60 on my wedding invitations and they were gorgeous! Thanks to a few of my additional touches of course :P

The envelope

The invitation.. I planned to put yellow ribbon instead of black but ran out of time!

The inside

Loved the wording of our invitations (:



No Picture! I guess I ran out of time!

Ruffle Tank: New York & Company
Pants: Banana Republic


Top: Rue 21
Pants: Ross

Tank: Ross
Crop Pants: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Top: Rue 21
Jeans: Banana Republic
Sandals: Target

30 Days of Wedding Memories: Bridal Portraits

My Bridal portraits were taken by the lovely Stephanie at Stephanie Spencer Photography out of Cary, NC. When the two of us met to discuss where I wanted my photos taken, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted them taken at NC State University's Arboretum. The place is absolutely gorgeous in the spring. So we planned my photo shoot for a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in April. Unfortunately, there were two weddings taking place the day and it was extremely windy. Despite the two places I wanted photos taken on the campus were taken for the wedding venues and despite that I have very few full length photos due to the wind that day, I am extremely happy with how the pictures turned out that she took! Here are some of my favorites!!(:

Had to have a picture with a softball to commemorate the beginning of our relationship.


30 Days of Wedding Memories: Shower #2- Kevin's Family

My second bridal shower was thrown by my wonderful in-laws. It was held on Saturday, April 30th at Kevin's grandmother's church. Thankfully, Kevin was off for this shower so he had the privilege of helping me open our enormous amount of cards and gifts (: 

yummy food!
The flower to match the theme of our wedding!

Being careful with those bows :P

The future Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Holt

Me & My Maid-of-Honor, Alyson

Me and the Sister, aka the Matron of Honor


30 Days of Wedding Memories: Shower #1- My Family

My first Bridal shower was thrown by my family. Because so many of my family attend the same church, my mom and aunt's thought it would be easier to do my shower on Sunday, April 10th at 2pm at our church. They felt that everyone could just go to church, grab lunch together after, then return to the church to open gifts and eat a ton of finger foods. They also felt that more people would come because they wouldn't have to waste a Saturday getting ready and then spend the afternoon watching me open presents.  Having a ton of experience in this area, the five of them (my mom and four aunts) knew what they were talking about. We had almost close to 75 people show up that Sunday! I was showered with so many gifts. I felt truly blessed.

My Teammates on my UNCG Education team
Kary, me, Alicia, & Emily

Emily & me

Alyson & Me

Bridesmaids. These girls have been my best friends since grade school!

Just a few of the presents!

My favorite present! I loved the packaging.