Let the Season Begin

One of the events that occurred last week during my blogging absence was the beginning of softball season. As many of you know, softball is a huge part of mine and the hub's lives; after all, we met at the ball field! Since the time my husband could walk, he has held a bat, ball, or glove in his hand.(I imagine our child will be no different! :P)  Once he was too old to play baseball, he, his brother, and his cousin joined a softball league in our hometown. Now six years later, they play on two different teams, four nights a week, and six months out of the year! Is that a lot of games that I have to go to? It sure is! But I do love every single minute of it! I love the atmosphere of the field, talking with the players' wives, eating the yummy hotdogs and popcorn from the concession stand, and cheering on my hubby while he wears those tight baseball pants (tmi? haha). 

Every few games I try to snap a few photos but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the hubby's first game. Since last night was their second game, I made it a point to take my camera to the field. However, after looking through my camera, I realized I took very few pictures of the game last night and a ton of pictures of my very pretty niece! Here's a few!

Samantha sipping on her juice.

Pretty girl!

She cracks me up with her funny faces!

Me & Brittni
The hubby running after his hit!

The brother-in-law on first.


  1. hey girl!! just droppin by to let you know i nominated you for another award on my blog :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by The Phillip Fam last week! I just love YOUR sweet blog. Thanks for your encouraging words & for sharing about how you pray for your husband! I love this! Have a blessed week!


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