Weekend Recap

I know, I know. I have been really slack about blogging lately. But let's hope that starting this week, I'll be back full time. So let me update you on my weekend (:

I don't know what has gotten into my precious fur baby but he has gotten where he refuses to go out in the morning to do his business unless someone accompanies him. So Friday morning after five minutes of trying to coerce him out the door, I finally had to step out onto the back porch with him. As I was standing on the porch watching to make sure Rimy did his thing, I happened to glance up and see this gorgeous guy sitting on the corner of our roof! It made my morning! He just watched me as I snapped picture after picture. He wasn't afraid or anything... that is until Rimy spotted him and went nuts. Unfortunately, that was all the owl could take and he flew away!

After work, I headed home to work out with two of my favorite first-year teachers. For the last four weeks, my friend Lauren (she's a kindergarten teacher) & my friend Elizabeth (she's a fifth grade teacher) have been meeting at my house and doing INSANITY on Monday- Saturday. I'm so proud of us for sticking with the program. It kicks our butt but having partners really helps us give it our all!

After working out, I changed clothes and the hubs and I headed to Monterreys to meet the gang for our usual Friday night dinner. While there, our niece, Samantha, was in an extra lovable mood and sat in her uncle Kev's lap for most of the evening. He ate it up. She definitely has her uncle wrapped around her finger! Might I add that in watching the two of them make faces at each other and giggle back and forth, my husband is definitely going to make a wonderful dad when a little Holt arrives.

I woke up early Saturday morning and did a little cleaning. It's amazing how dirty a house can get in a week! I swept and did a little dusting. I also washed two loads of laundry. Notice I said washed. I have yet to fold them!

Around lunch, Brittni and I headed to Greensboro for a little shopping. We ran to TJ Maxx and Friendly Shopping Center. I'm so proud to admit that I did not purchase a single item! I know, amazing, right? I picked up several items but decided they were only wants, not needs (something I've been working on!) so I put them all back. 

We arrived back home around 2:30 and I quickly changed and rushed to Lauren's bridal shower. Yes, the same Lauren I work out with! I ended up staying the whole time because she asked me to take some pictures of the event for her. Here are some of the shots I got.

After Lauren's shower, I had to rush to Eden for a graduation party. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures :(

This morning the hubs and I got up early with the intention of going to Danbury, NC to visit the hubs' aunt. She has been anxious for her family to come see her so our plan was to skip church this morning and make the journey to see her with Kev's family. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication and some last minute things that came up, the two of us didn't make it to Danbury or to church :/ We did however make it to my parents house for our usual Sunday lunch.

Since we've returned from the parents, we've done absolutely nothing but lay in bed, snuggle, and watch Hallmark movies. And you know what, I've enjoyed every moment of it! I have every intention of continuing my laziness until Brittni comes over at 8. But then you know what? I'll be watching UNDERCOVER BRIDESMAID from 8-10. I've been so anxious for this movie to come on. Can you tell I''m a Hallmark movie junkie?! haha

Well, the hubs is fixing to go see a movie with his dad and brother so I must get off and send him on his way. But I hope you ladies have had a wonderful weekend and I hope your week is as fabulous as well!



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    1. sounds like you had a busy weekend! so cool that you saw that owl!


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