30 Days of Wedding Memories: Bachelorette Party

Here's my Bachelorette Party in Pictures (:

This is what I looked like when I went out!

The girls and I headed to Kabuto's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner
Emily, Hannah, Olivia, Kristy

Emilia, Kary, Emily, & Alicia

Alyson, me, Misty 

After dinner we headed to Greene's for some karaoke and dancing!

Alicia & Kary getting ready to karaoke!

And of course we ended the night with a photo shoot! 
Our typical fashion (:
Me & My Lovely Ladies

Me & My teaching team favorites!

Best friends since first grade!

My best friend/ favorite neighbor in the whole wide world (:
Overall, it was an eventful night that I will never forget. It was the best night out a girl could ever ask for!

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  1. how fun! looks like your wedding and all leading up to it was just beautiful :)


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