30 Days of Wedding Memories: The Rehearsal

Well I could say alot about our wedding rehearsal but they say pictures are worth a 1000 words so I will let them do the talking... with a few captions of course!

The fiance and nephew waiting to take their places

All of us in our places

The groomsmen (*notice Daniel grabbing Bryan's butt trying to make him laugh in the
middle of the preacher practicing his speech*)

The bridesmaids

The guys laughing as a result of Daniel grabbing Bryan's butt!

Misty (Matron of Honor) & Mike (Best Man)
My sister, His Dad

Alyson & Bryan
My best friend & Kevin's brother

Emily & Daniel
Husband & Wife (:

Annette & Andrew
*Annette stood in for Olivia since she was in Wilson & my brother

Kristy & Brian

Emily & Ben

Mom, Dad, & Samantha

My amazing wedding coordinator/ aunt (:

Waiting to come in! I had butterflies in my tummy even then!

Daddy walked Sam down the aisle too!

Here we go!

Daddy giving me away... I was almost in tears!

20 days till our first anniversary!

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