30 Days of Wedding Memories: Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding, Alyson and I headed to Midtown Salon and Spa to have our hair done. My sister joined us later and had her make up done. After we got all "beautified" we headed to Wendy's and grabbed a bite to eat!


Getting her make-up done (:

Getting my hair "did"

My hair for the wedding

Aly's crazy self!

To keep my dress from getting too wrinkled, I chose to get ready at the church. The girls and I took the fellowship and elementary classrooms to get ready.

It's finally time!

Don't you just love the rug! baha

Love the back of my dress!

The buttons were my favorite!

The boys got ready on the other end of the church. Kevin has lots of stories of all that went on in that room but unfortunately, I have no pictures to prove all of those stories I've heard... So who knows if they're true but here's a few photos I do have!
Daniel helping the huby get ready
Ben had to help too!
Check out that sweat on that forehead!

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