30 Days of Wedding Memories: Arriving at the Reception

A month or so before our wedding, Kevin and I were informed that Josh Thompson would be performing a concert in our hometown the day of our wedding. Usually we would be ecstatic about that news because we love country music and Josh Thompson has it going on, but considering the circumstances, the news brought lots of tears to my eyes! The issue with the concert was that it was going to be held within 200 feet of my reception venue which meant that all roads leading to my reception venue were going to blocked. This was going to be a huge problem! We had alot of guests coming from out of town who would not have a clue as to where to park much less how to walk to our site. On top of that, I was not looking forward to walking a mile in a wedding dress to get to my reception and I knew that many of our elderly guests would not be capable of walking that great of a distance either. So after much debate with the police department and lots of pulling strings from people who owed friends favors, the police department agreed to escort our guests to the reception site via their golf carts. They also agreed to escort me and Kevin into our reception in a police car. It wasn't at all how I had intended to arrive at my reception but it was worth not walking miles and I thought looking back it would be unique and extremely memorable. A year later, it definitely was both!

 Lauren & Amanda arriving in the Police Golf Cart

A few walking to the reception

Here we come!

Lining up for the introduction of the wedding party as they enter the reception!
Our wedding colors were black and yellow so since the song "Black & Yellow" was popular at the time, thats what the wedding party came into (:

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