Girl's Night Out!

The Quad Pod has been in dire need of a GNO so Friday night we made it happen. Unfortunately, Emily was feeling a bit under the weather so rather than a Quad Pod reunion, we had to make it a Trifecta event. But regardless, we still hit the streets smiling (:

We decided early in the week that we'd go to Greensboro and walk around downtown. However, when Friday rolled around the stupid weather tried to screw up our plans. But much to its avail, we still were able to get a little window shopping accomplished. We ended up going to Natty Greene's for dinner so that we could sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. It was wonderful with the exception that the humidity was unreal and made our hair look like we'd stuck our fingers in electrical outlets and it went straight to the ends of our hair! And wouldn't you know it... it was the one day my hair fixed perfectly before going out!

After dinner, we stopped by the Grasshoppers stadium to have some fun and take silly photos (a Quad Pod event is never complete without a photo shoot!). While there I had the great idea of climbing into the water fountain. Let me just say, I would not advice you to do that! The water is freezing & trust me... its not as shallow as it looks! So make sure you test it before you try to jump in. haha

Following our photo shoot & million laughs off of Bellemeade, we made our way to Friendly Shopping Center to walk around and window shop.

All in all it was a successful night and was very much needed. I can't imagine what I would do without my best friends/ sisters and our crazy times!

Here's a few pictures from our night!


Our Ice Cream Makers!

The 4th is just not the 4th without some homemade ice cream! So as we made it this year at the lake, we had some new helpers! The triplets were more than happy to pitch in (: