Clothes,Clothes, & More Clothes.

One of the great things about being a teacher is you get a week long vacation right in the middle of spring. This could not be more perfect because it is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. So for months now, I have been anxiously awaiting Spring Break's arrival! Now that it is finally here, I have been quite the little busy bee trying to get my house cleaned and organized.

Over the weekend, the hubby and I tackled our yard. It was a BIG project to say the least. We got the yard mowed, weeds pulled, and trimmed up some of the bushes. We even took a trip to the greenhouse with my parents and picked up a few hanging baskets for the front and back porches. I feel like we've accomplished a lot but we still need to plant flowers and lay mulch... projects I am not looking forward too. But once it is all finished, I know I'll be happy we did it. 

Since Kevin went back to work today, I decided I'd tackle the closets in the house. Kevin and I share the closet in the master bedroom and unfortunately, it's not quite big enough to house all of our clothes. So every Spring and Fall, we swap out our clothes from the guest room closet to the master bedroom closet. I decided I would tackle this project early this morning so I would have the afternoon free. I started around 10am and the next thing I knew it was 4pm and I was still working. My closet swap turned into me weeding out clothes I hadn't worn in the last year and then it turned into an organizing frenzy. But even though it took me all day, it was worth it!

This is my closet before I set off to work.

And here it is now (:

And these would be the clothes I'm taking to Goodwill!

Maybe tomorrow, I'll tackle my drawers because this is just from my closets!
I'm ashamed, I know!


  1. Agh, I need to clean my closet. My poor husband has a tiny little piece of what used to be half! :/

    Great job!!

  2. Going through the closets is SUCH a chore but it feels so, so great when it's done! It's amazing how much we accumulate in such a short period of time! Looks good!


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