30 Days of Wedding Memories: Shower #1- My Family

My first Bridal shower was thrown by my family. Because so many of my family attend the same church, my mom and aunt's thought it would be easier to do my shower on Sunday, April 10th at 2pm at our church. They felt that everyone could just go to church, grab lunch together after, then return to the church to open gifts and eat a ton of finger foods. They also felt that more people would come because they wouldn't have to waste a Saturday getting ready and then spend the afternoon watching me open presents.  Having a ton of experience in this area, the five of them (my mom and four aunts) knew what they were talking about. We had almost close to 75 people show up that Sunday! I was showered with so many gifts. I felt truly blessed.

My Teammates on my UNCG Education team
Kary, me, Alicia, & Emily

Emily & me

Alyson & Me

Bridesmaids. These girls have been my best friends since grade school!

Just a few of the presents!

My favorite present! I loved the packaging.


  1. AHHHH! bridal memories :) i loved it, but actually i am kind of glad its over. I am glad to just be married! Thats so cool that your husband plays softball too - for what church? thanks for reading my blog! i'll be sure to keep up with yours! :) have a good day sara! -jeannie

  2. you are beautiful! I LOVE THAT WEDDING DRESS!!


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