30 Days of Wedding Memories: Invitations

Not only did I make our save the dates, I also made our wedding invitations. Though unlike our save the dates, these came in a package so I didn't have to design them! 

Right before Kevin and I got engaged, I came across several boxes of these invitations on sale for $10 a box at TJ Maxx. When I came across these, I hadn't thought about my plan for invitations. I assumed I'd order some online but I thought since they were so inexpensive, I would purchase all they had and if I found something later on that I liked better, I'd return them. Lucky for me, I never found anything I liked better so I spent a total of $60 on my wedding invitations and they were gorgeous! Thanks to a few of my additional touches of course :P

The envelope

The invitation.. I planned to put yellow ribbon instead of black but ran out of time!

The inside

Loved the wording of our invitations (:

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  1. What a great find! I think they were adorable! :)


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