Weekend Recap & Bargains

Yes, I'm aware that according to blogging etiquette you should only post once a day but I'm going to have to ignore that little rule for the next 30 days as I share my wedding memories. So on to my weekend and my fabulous weekend bargain finds!

After work Friday, the girls and I headed to High Point for the annual Spring Buckhead Betties sale. Our goal was to work out after we got back home but we had a slight change of plans. After spending nearly an hour at the sale, we opted out of our Insanity workout to go grab some frozen yogurt at Feeney's Frozen Yogurt Bar. It was worth each bite. However, I did regret not getting my workout in... but I did walk alot at the sale. Does that count? Here are my amazing bargains! I spent a little over $70 for all of this! 

When I got back home from our shopping and yogurt adventure, I headed out to dinner with the hubs and group. As usual, dinner was full of stories and laughs. 

Saturday was such a productive day! As a teacher one of the things you have to look forward too is waking up bright and early...even on the weekends! I woke up around seven and cleaned up the kitchen, swept the floors, and did the laundry. Around 8:30 the girls came over and we did our Insanity workout. After our workout, I headed to Reidsville High School for the Go Far 5k. Each of the school's in the county participated in the race. There were over 400 runners! It was alot of fun! 

One of my teammates (:

Central Elementary's King Cubs
After Go Far, I headed to the nail and tanning salon to treat myself to a spa date. A girl needs those every now and then. By the time I finished, it was lunch time so I decided to surprise the hubs and took him lunch at work. We hung out for about an hour on his break then I headed home to finish cleaning the house. 

When the hubs got home from work, I fixed dinner then we headed to Greensboro to watch the Lucky One with my best friend and her boyfriend. It was an awesome movie and I could seriously go watch it again. However, if you hope it's just like the book, you're going to be disappointed. But it's still worth the watch!

The hubs had to work this morning so I joined my parents at church. After church, I headed over to Mom & Dad's for our usual Sunday lunch with the family. Mom fixed chicken salads. They were amazing! When I left there I swung by RUE 21 and picked up two super cute shirts. Both of them were less than $9!  I then went to the grocery store and planned out lunch and dinner for the week.

Now I'm curled up in front of the tv watching Hallmark movies. Ahh, I'm addicted! When the hubby gets home, we're going to cook spaghetti and cuddle up and watch a movie. That's my kind of night!

Here are my new shirts!

Shirt 1!

Shirt 2!

I love it's back!

Hope you ladies had a great weekend and an even better week!

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