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Happy Wednesday, ladies! We are halfway to our weekend which makes this girl want to do the happy dance. But since I can't really dance I figured I'd just share a random blog post instead. Over the last few weeks my blog traffic has really picked up and I've realized I've got quite a few new readers so I thought it would be fun to play a little game of 20 questions that I spotted over at Simply Love. If you'd like to join in, copy the questions below (: 

1. Favorite food? It's a toss up of anything Mexican or Italian. Before being pregnant, I'd tell you Mexican food, hands down. But since Boston has made his appearance in our lives and my belly, it seems all we've been eating is anything Italian. 

2. High heels or flip flops? I love a cute pair of high heels. But since becoming a teacher and a mom, flip flops are the way to go for this girl. 

3. Favorite places to shop? Target, Marshalls, and Homegoods. That's where it's all at, friends. 

4. Standard coffee order? I hate coffee. Like big HATE. You guys and gals can have all the pumpkin spice lattes you want. But don't you worry, I still love Starbucks and can't ever turn down the opportunity for a vanilla bean frappucino. It's like snow cream in a cup. 

5. Must-have road snack? Doritos. I'm not sure why but every time we go on a vacation, I always end up with a bag. 

6. Diy or hire it out? If you've been a follower of mine for a while, you know I'm a diy kind of girl. Yet, if I can't tackle a project or I'm a little iffy on it, I'm always happy to recruit my dad to lend a hand (; 

7. Top 5 tv shows? Mistresses, Impractical Jokers, Family Feud, the Bachelor, and anything on the Hallmark channel. 

8. Favorite book? I wish I could answer this but I just have wayyy too many to name. Trying to narrow down your favorite book is like trying to tell people your favorite family member. You just can't. It would hurt too many people's feelings. ha ha

9. Favorite form of exercise? This girl loves the elliptical. I can get a full body work out all at one time. 

10. How tall are you? Well up until June of this year, I was always told I was 5' 8" but either I've been lied to or I am shrinking because at my yearly physical I was told I was 5' 7". 

11. Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to favorites? I'm a classic kind of girl. I leave the hubs to trying new things and I sample bites from his plate. If I like it, I may order it our next visit. But otherwise, I'll stick to my tried and true favorites. Usually of which are cheeseburgers and chicken tenders. Two things that are just about guaranteed to never be messed up. 

12. One makeup item you can't live without? Eyeliner. Without it, everyone thinks I'm sick. 

13. What's on your nightstand? My kindle, phone charger, tv remote, Harper's baby monitor, and a lamp. 

14. One thing motherhood has taught you? Never say never. I mean, seriously. All those parents I judged before becoming a mom. Not anymore. Now I look at them and say, "It's ok. I've been there". 

15. Music that reminds you of high school? Chris Daughtry. He was all the rage during my high school years and now you hear nothing out of him. 

16. If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city, where would it be? A city somewhere close by where I currently live. I love our hometown and could never imagine living far away. It's located within an hour of four metrapolitan areas which allows us plenty of opportunities to visit and try out new places. 

17. Something about you we might not know? Back in the day, I flew cessna airplanes. I'm also related to the Wright brothers which is probably where I get my love of flying. 

18. Websites you read/browse besides blogs? I check Zulily, Jane, and Groopdealz daily (; 

19. Morning person or night owl? Before having kids I was definitely a night owl. Since Harper was born, I've wizened up and learned to go to bed when she does as you never know what kind of night or morning you may encounter with children. With that said, since I go to bed early, I find myself waking up really early in the morning which provides me plenty of opportunity to do things I need to do while Harper is still sleeping in... like getting ready for a new day and tidying up. If these things don't happen before she's up and going, they won't happen. 

20. What's your best feature? I'd say my ability to carry on a conversation with a practical stranger. But then again, I know some people who would say that's probably their least favorite quality about me haha 

Tell me something about you!

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  1. #1 all the way. it's a total toss up for me too! I love the ellpitcal as well! It was really cool getting to know you, I love these questions!


  2. This was such a cute post! Yummy to Mexican food! I love the Hallmark channel. Their movies are the best.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  3. Target is definitely one of my favorite places to shop and even though I graduate in 2010 Chris Daughtry music still reminds me of those long drives to school lol

    Felice Raina // The Kiss Of Joy

  4. I love target and flip flops! I'm all about comfort. I know exactly where I would live if I could move tomorrow.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  5. Love this and love love target and marshals!

  6. Oh my goodness, mexican food is my absolute favorite as well! But my boyfriend's family is Italian so he is always making me yummy Italian food. Great post though, I totally feel ya on most of these. Also congrats on your growing blog traffic!

    My Pop of Color

  7. Loved getting to know more about you! How funny, I NEVER wear eyeliner!!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  8. HAHA yes to the Hallmark channel! I love every movie and classic tv show!! It was so much fun getting to know you!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  9. I think it is great you can carry on conversations with strangers so easily...I HATE conversing with strangers! I can never decide if I like Mexican food or Italian food better...give it all to me! (:

  10. I had to look up what a cessna airplane is, but that is SO COOL that you used to fly them. Like what?! You're related to the wright brothers too? Hahaha omg that's such an awesome fact to share with people. And gosh I used to hate when people would think I was sick if I didn't have eyeliner on as well! Haha, loved reading this.

    Jadore l Jadoregrace

  11. Loved getting to know you!! Such fun facts!

    Carley @ preppylane.blogspot.com

  12. Target, Marshalls, and home goods? We must be soul sisters!

  13. Mexican and Italian food have my heart!
    This was such a fun questionnaire -- I may have to steal it.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  14. Your book answer made me laugh! I feel the same way!! How can I choose between all that I love?!

    xo Ashley

  15. I loved getting to know you more through this post! Some of your answers made me chuckle. Crisps are my favourite road snack too, either those or pringles!

  16. Loved getting to know more about you! Eyeliner is my staple too - I might not be great at makeup, but eyeliner is the one thing that I /can/ do. I can relate to your feelings towards coffee - hated the taste for most of my adult life but learned to love it very very recently!

    Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

  17. Homegoods is the best and Mexican is one of my main food groups! We have so much in common!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  18. I love these types of posts! I definitely want to do one on my blog. It was so fun to learn more about you!

  19. I loved getting to know more about you! I'm right there with you on number one... I LOVE mexican and italian food!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  20. Italian food, Target, and Impractical Jokers? YES! Loved getting to know more about you!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  21. I'm with on Mexican and Italian! And it's funny...I think a LOT of people have to wear eyeliner lest they look sick! (Me included). I think maybe it's because people just get used to seeing us wear it lol

    Coming Up Roses


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