{Weekend Recap} Decluttering Update + Dollar Spot Deals

Hey ladies! Sorry for my leave of absence. I took a little break last week to start my decluttering process. I'd like to say in my three day absence that I accomplished a lot but let's just say, this decluttering process took a bit longer than I'd planned. But it's looking great so far and I'm proud of the progress I've made already. If you'd like to declutter your own house this summer, you can read my tips here

On Friday, Kevin and I snuck out for a little day date while Harper was at daycare. We grabbed lunch at Olive Garden and finished out the afternoon with a trip to Target and Hobby Lobby. 

And let me just add ladies, the Target Dollar Spot has been restocked for the fall season and you ladies need to get up and go like NOW. I grabbed Harper some flash cards, Mickey Mouse books, and Crayola bath tub paints... all for $1 each. Can't beat that ladies so run don't walk!

Friday night, we grabbed dinner with my parents and friend, Brittni. After dinner, Brittni and I headed to Belks to catch their end of season sale. Of course, everything I had been keeping my eye on was sold out in my size, but I did manage to grab up Harper some cute Osh Kosh items for more than 75% off. If only adult clothes were this cute... and cheap!

Saturday Harper and I spent the day with Brittni while Kevin recovered from a long night at work. We headed to Greensboro to grab a lingerie gift for one of my life long best friends who will be tying the knot this weekend. Whoop whoop!  Then we made a pit stop at Target for some Starbucks frappuccinos and clearance priced sandals. I grabbed up these and these for Harper for less than $5 each!

We also returned a few things we'd ordered from Old Navy's fourth of July sale. I ended up returning the sleeveless tank dress that I'd purchased in cobalt blue (no longer available to link); as well as this red swing dress. The tank dress looked like a potato sack. Seriously, there's no other way to describe it. And despite how much I loved the red swing dress, it was a whole four inches shorter than the solid black and white with black stripes version I also ordered. Which is super weird. But that's what happens when things are made in China. 

Since we spent the day in Greensboro, I grabbed dinner from Chick fil a on our way home. But by 9pm, I was starving again, so Brittni headed to McDonalds to pick me up a large sweet tea and large fry. Can I just add that I didn't even ask her to do that? Best friend ever! Thank God she just lives less than a mile away (;

Sunday we were busy, busy, busy. We did the usual trip to church and lunch with my parents. Then afterwards, Harper and I headed to Harper's bff's for her 2nd birthday. Hutson was turning two and her party was celebrated "garden" style. It was super cute but sadly, I didn't snap any pictures. But Harper had a blast with Hutson and her new friend, Carsynn. 

We ended our Sunday night with a stroll through the neighborhood and a trip to the local ice cream bar. After all, it was #nationalicecreamday and that's all the incentive I really needed to go grab some (; 

Hope your weekends were filled with lots of fun (and ice cream)!

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  1. I love the little lavendar top with royal blue shorts for Harper!! And that's so fun that you and Kevin got to go on a day date! I almost like those better than fancy night dates sometimes haha

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  2. Looks like a great weekend and some great sales! Those little outfits are just too cute. What a good friend a drink and fry from McDonald's is such a great pick me up.

  3. I was just at Target today and couldn't get over how great everything was in the Dollar Spot! I wanted to buy one of everything! :)


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