Top Five Tuesday: Restaurants!

Since I skipped last Tuesday's Top Five Tuesday, I'm making it a point to link-up today! This week's topic is restaurants. You guys know I love to eat as much as shop so I was all happy to talk about this topic (: But I have to admit, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just five restaurants!

 I love me some Olive Garden (yes, I know that sentence was grammatically incorrect). I could eat there every day and be fat;  but it would be so worth it! I love cheesy dishes, so I used to always order five cheese ziti or stuffed chicken marsala. But that was before I discovered the Lasagna Rollata Al Forno. It's the kind of dish I expect will be served in heaven. As Olive Garden defines the dish, it is "lasagna rolls stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and romano cheese. Topped with mozzarella and seasoned bread crumbs, baked in five cheese marinara". I hope your mouth is watering like mine is right now! And don't even get me started on those amazing salads and that delicious salad dressing!

Outback is most definitely my second favorite restaurant on the planet! When my husband and I were dating, we'd eat there just about every other weekend. I usually alternate between their mouth-watering cheeseburgers and their steaks and bake potato. It's a relatively cheap place to eat for a date night. The hubstire likes it because he can order a steak, baked potato, and salad for $9.99. Just thinking about those yummy baked potatoes makes me want to go there NOW. We also never go without ordering their blooming onion with extra ranch. I know it's so fattening and has over probably 3,000 calories but it's worth each and every one. 

When I was in college, we ate at Ham's every week! You couldn't beat those Charlie's Cheeseburgers, fries, and a drink for $2.99! When I got word that they had foreclosed, I was so upset. But thankfully not all of the restaurants shut down. As much as I love their food, my favorite thing is the homemade potato chips with the homemade ranch dressing. I can honestly go there just for those. Seriously. I've done it before.

BEST. Mexican. food.ever. You have no idea! If you're from my town, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I love it. I could eat any dish there. Though a chicken and cheese quesadilla with queso on top or their yummy arroz con pollo would have to be my top two favorites! 

My husband took me to this place last year for the first time. He and his family had discovered it years ago but I had never heard of it. It's this tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant in this shopping center in a community not even located on the map of North Carolina. It's in Yanceyville. Ever heard of it? I didn't think so. But if you ever go to Burlington, it's not too far from there. The place is extremely nice inside despite it's outside appearance. It's decorated in warm, rich colors and has a great ambiance. They serve the best steaks you've ever tasted, have a killer salad bar, and have a great wait staff. In fact, I'll be having my birthday dinner there this Friday (: If you haven't been there before, you should try it out. I can give you directions. They have a website too. But I must warn you, they are only open on the weekends and the place booms so you better make reservations first!


  1. Mmm I love Olive Garden too. Their breadsticks are seriously one of my favorite foods!

  2. LOVE outback! their bloomin onion is my weakness

  3. HAMS!!! I used to live in Carrboro, me and the hubby used to go there every week!! We were SO upset when they closed!

    I heard they had a location in New Bern. Turns out...they've changed the name of that place and it's not as good. I miss Hams!


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