You are My Sunshine (:

I was so ecstatic when I received a note from Kelsey over at Just Another Blonde Princess saying that she had nominated me for the Sunshine Award! It totally put a smile on my face girl! As a nominee, I must answer some fabulous questions and then tag five other of my lovely blogging friends (: So here goes the questions!

Favorite Color? 
This is such a tough one for me. Each season, I tend to go through a color phase. Depending on the colors I see in stores, depends on what my new favorite color will be. For this particular spring season, I seem to be drawn to every shade of coral. It's just so bright and cheery and might I add...it looks great with a tan (: 

Favorite Number?
8! I have to admit that the number 3 was my favorite number up until I met my husband. His jersey number has always been 8 and since I love and support him through EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. I had to rethink my favorite number!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?
I'm from the south so without a doubt, it would have to be some good ole southern sweet tea; preferably in a mason jar! More specifically, it must be a BALL mason jar since this is where my husband works! haha 

Facebook or Twitter?
I am slowly but surely beginning to fall in love with twitter. I created an account back in 2009 but never used it until last year when my best friend created a twitter account. I love following notwillferrell and babycarlos. These two tweeters always have me laughing whenever I need a pick-me-up. The only drawback with twitter is that many of my friends have not joined so I still have to use facebook to keep up with their lives!

My passion?
Well, I have alot of passions but they can be summed up in one category... the ones I love. I am obsessed with my family, friends, hubby, and God. I do have to admit, that I could become more obsessed with God. Just the other day I realized how much time I put into my relationship with my husband and family and I realized that God calls me to spend as much time with Him as I do these people. When this came to my knowledge, I realized that I am truly falling short of that amount of time. But I am working on our relationship and am spending much more time with Him. Through His Word, devotions, and Christian songs, I am falling more and more in love with my Savior each day. 

Favorite Animal?
Well of course I love puppies. Who doesn't? There is no way on earth I can't love my Rimy's sweet smiling face (like in the picture below!). But beyond puppies and dogs, I absolutely love elephants. They are such gorgeous creatures. I can't ever make a trip to the zoo without snapping at least 20 photos of them!

Giving or getting presents?
I absolutely love giving presents. I am not just saying that because that is what I am expected to say. I am saying it because it is the honest to goodness truth. I love surprising people with random gifts. The joy and excitement on their faces make the gifts all worth while. I think everyone loves to get a random gift because it lets him/her know that someone is thinking of them even if it isn't a special occasion. 

Favorite Flower?
I love daisies! They are so bright and scream summer to me! My favorites are yellow and white daisies (hence, why I used them in my wedding (: )

Now it's your turn ladies! (:
~ Ashley @ Everyday AEM
~ Rachel @ Just Peachy
~ Lindsay @ Miss Lindsay J


  1. loved reading your answers! THANKS for tagging me :)

  2. yayyyy! :) love all your answers. puppies & elephants are my favs too!

  3. thanks for the nomination girl!!! i will get right on it :)


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