What I'm Loving Wednesday!

The list of all of the things I'm loving right now could go on and on; but I'll save you the time and only share a few during this link up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love!

I'm loving that today is Leap Year! I'll be watching the movie Leap Year tonight in celebration of the event. You know me... I'll make any excuse to watch a romantic comedy with my hubby!

I'm loving that the triplets turned the big 3 last week! 

I'm loving all of the events that the month of March will bring! There is my nephew's birthday, my birthday, Spring Break, and a beach trip with my hubby! 

I'm loving that my husband and I are FINALLY getting around to decorating and making changes to our house. Here is some of the inspiration I've pinned!

I'm thinking gray, yellow, and white for our bedroom.

I'm thinking green, black, and white for one of the spare bedrooms

Currently, our second spare bedroom is serving as an office. Due to the fact that Kevin and I are getting a king-size bedroom suite (hopefully soon!), we'll be putting our queen-sized bedroom suite in our office. Because I will no longer have a space to do work, I'm thinking of taking the closet in the bonus room and making me a closet/office. I'm loving these ideas!

I'm loving this song. Something about it reminds me of summer and I can't help but get antsy and anxious for summer while listening to it!

There is so much more that I'm loving but I'll save it for another week! I hope you ladies are loving your day! 

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  1. I love the yellow and gray color combo. Just so soothing yet vibrant! If you were looking to add a third color to the mix may I suggest a light teal? Have a great day! xx


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