Valentine's Day Recap... 2 weeks late!

I know, I know! This post is coming extremely late as Valentine's Day was almost two whole weeks ago but I was waiting for some of the photos from the night to be emailed to me! Since I'm just now getting them in my email inbox, I'm just now getting to share! 

My morning began by being showered with all of these presents from my class of wonderful third graders! The bags were filled with delicious looking chocolates, candy, bath and body works stuff, drink mugs, and lots of other little goodies!

At the end of the school day, I gave the students an hour of free time. During that time, they decorated their bags, passed out their Valentine's Day cards, and got to open their bags to see what kinds of goodies they had received. Once everyone had had adequate time to read all of their cards, we had a little party complete with cupcakes, cookies, chips, and drinks! 

Here are the Valentines that I made my kiddos!
They said "You make my heart glow" and attached to them were glow sticks!
They LOVED them!

When I left school, I headed to the nail salon to treat myself to my own Valentine's Day present. I only got a french manicure; had I had time, I would have gotten a pedicure as well! By the time I got home it was time for me to get ready so I showered and got dressed for mine and my hubby's night out! 

At 7 o'clock, we left our house to head to the Belmont Estate. The Belmont Estate is a family owned southern plantation home that houses huge parties and weddings every weekend! I had only been on the grounds before, never inside the house so I was super excited that Kevin's work had rented the place out for their company Valentine's Day party! Here's what the house looks like on the outside!

When we arrived, the hostess took our name and sat us at our table. We sat at table number five (and yes they were numbered!). The table looked like it had been taken straight out of a romantic movie. It was a round, two person table complete with candles and a white table cloth. Kevin and I sat and talked and listened to the pianist play until our waiter came to take our drink orders.  A few short moments later, our waiter brought out our drinks with our appetizer. We had pre-ordered our food a few weeks ahead and had chosen a delicious bread and bruschetta. After we finished the appetizer, we sat and talked for a while until our salads had came out. They were amazing! I'm a sucker for homemade ranch dressing and that was some of the best I have ever ate. A short while after finishing that, the waiter brought out the main course. I had chosen sirloin tips with mushroom gravy, brazed mashed potatoes, and parmesan asparagus. The husband had chosen marinated grilled chicken, brazed mashed potatoes, and parmesan asparagus. It was so much food I could not eat it all! Just when I thought I was about to pop, the waiter asked if we were ready for dessert! There was NO way I was ready for that so Kevin and I spent another thirty minutes reminiscing about good times and talking about our future until we were ready for our dessert. And O.M.G! That dessert was better than the meal and that was hard to top. I had chosen red velvet cake and Kevin chose cherry cheesecake. We each ate half of ours and then switched plates with the other (we always order two different things so that we can get the best of both worlds!) By the time we'd done all that, it was time to go home. We'd been there for over two hours! It made me think about all my hopes to grow up and become a princess. After that two hour meal, I say scratch that! I'd be fat from all of those full course meals that they eat each day!

Here are some pictures from the night! These were the ones taken by the photographer on staff. I tried taking some pictures of our food and table, but since it was a candlelight dinner, the lighting was horrible and didn't allow for any decent ones!

Us on the famous staircase!
 At dinner!
 The famous staircase!
 The amazing waitstaff!

When we got home, I had to get Kevin to take a picture of me and my other Valentine! He was a little under the weather because he had had to have FIVE shots that day! But he still participated and willingly took a picture with me!

Overall, it was the most amazing day I have had in a while. I hope you ladies all had just as much of an amazing day as I did!


  1. I cannot tell you how much I love this post and the bit about your students! My other career path was going to be an elementary education teacher and I have spent a lot of time volunteering with them and helping in classrooms and I just love all the fun pictures from the classroom and how you gave your students adorable homemade Valentine's and some free time at the end of the day...so sweet! They are lucky to have you! :)

    Your date at the Belmont House looks like such a fun and magical time! So glad you had a Happy Hearts Day! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I am loving yours! :)

  2. I LOVE your Valentines to your class-such a great idea! I can't wait to start teaching and celebrating holidays! Your Valentines evening sounds fabulous.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I am always happy to meet new people!

    Have a great week!


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