Top Five Tuesday: Most Worn Items

This morning when I read this week's Top Five Tuesday's topic on Rachel's blog, Just Peachy, I thought it was going to be challenging. I thought to myself, "As many items are in my closet, I never wear any of them frequently". But as I drove to my meeting at Central Office, my mind was turning. Within a matter of a few minutes, maybe even seconds, I had come up with five items that are essential to my daily wardrobe. 

Here they are: 
1. Pearls 
I grew up with the knowledge that a Southern girl's wardrobe is not complete without pearls.  Therefore, its no shock that I wear pearls with everything; regardless if I'm wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants or an evening dress and patent leather pumps. They are essential to every girl's wardrobe and an outfit isn't complete without them!
2. Scarves
Is anyone really shocked to see this on my list? Each year I seem to accumulate numerous items of a popular fashion trend. This year, my collection became scarves. In the last four months, I've accumulated 15+ scarves! My husband thinks I have a problem. but I just can't say no to them. They go with anything and you can dress up an outfit or dress it down just by adding something as simple as this. It's like jewelry only more comfortable and versatile!

3. Dark Jeans
My closet is FULL of dark jeans! I bet I have over 20 pairs of them... not even kidding! I love them. You can wear them with a t-shirt during the day for a casual look and then wear them in the evening with heels and a blouse and look dressed to the hilt! 

4. Flats
Don't even get me started on how many pairs of flats I have. You wouldn't think I have alot considering I wear the same ones each week in my OOTD posts but don't let that fool you. I have a tooon of them! Its just that some are more comfortable than others so I have a select few that make their way to my workplace. But come summertime when I won't be standing on my feet all day, you'll see lots more! 

5. Engagement & Wedding Ring
Of course, I'm going to wear my gorgeous engagement ring that my husband had designed for me; as well as my beautiful wedding band. These rings don't come off of my fingers... ever! And yes, these are my rings in this picture; along with the hubby's wedding band (:


Hearing from you ladies always make my day, so please let me know you stopped by!