Weekend Recap

Whew we! The weekends really do come and go faster the older you get. It's hard to believe I'm starting yet another week in 2012. It's bittersweet but I can't complain. I hate that  I'm heading back to another long week but on the bright side, I'm that much closer to more fun events that are to occur this month! And after the weekend I had... I could use those events asap!

My weekend started out to be amazing. On Friday night, the group and I had dinner at Sanitary Cafe. Sketchy name I know but it really is delicious! It is one of the few places you can actually get homecooked vegetables in my hometown and not pay a fortune for them. Following dinner, we all went to the Vault to wind down and listen to the DJ play some 90's music. We all ended up not leaving until well after 1am! I didn't know I could even stay up that late after a long day of work but I guess I was having so much fun that my body didn't register how late it was. Little did I know when I woke up Saturday morning that my weekend was going to completely shift from excitement to sadness. 

Saturday morning after I had woke up and ate breakfast, I logged on to facebook as I often do in the mornings. However, this morning was different. Every post on my newsfeed was about a couple being murdered in their home. I was stunned but wrote it off as probably having to do with drugs. Major crime does not occur in my hometown unless it involves something illegal. Since the names were not listed on anyone's facebook pages, I called my dad to ask if he knew anything about it. Having not watched the news that morning, he said he hadn't heard anything. I told him if he heard anything about it later on in the day to call me and let me know who the people were. After I got back on the computer I had this nagging feeling to text a friend who had posted online to be in prayer for this family and find out who this couple was. Finally I gave in and sent a text asking who these people were. Within minutes, she had responded. When I opened the text, my heart dropped. Troy and Ladonna French. I couldn't believe it. I called my dad and through tears and sobs I shouted at him. After a minute of not even breathing through my slurred words, Dad finally yelled at me and told me to calm down because he couldn't understand a word I was saying. I finally composed myself to repeat myself. "Dad, it was Troy and LaDonna. Troy that worked for you!" I instantly heard the shock in my Dad's voice. He told me there was no way and to text Uncle Kenny who worked with Troy as well and ask him if it was true. I hung up and immediately text Kenny. Two minutes later, I recieved a text saying yes it was true. He and all the linemen were at Troy's house as he wrote me back. I called Dad back and through more tears told him what I had just found out. It really was the French's. They'd been murdered in their own home at 2am. It appeared to be a home invasion. Their son Hunter wasn't home but Whitley was and she had been stabbed. The two of us were devastated. I had attended school with Hunter and Whitley. My dad had worked with Troy for 22 years. These were two of the most Christian people you could have ever met. You could just look at them and see Jesus shine through. They would do anything for anybody; even if it meant giving that person the shirt off their back. Who on earth would want this couple dead? 

For the next couple of hours, I sat around the house with a broken and heavy heart; crying and asking God why. Thankfully at ten o'clock, Brittni called and told me she was headed to her new school to set up her classroom. I volunteered to come help her because I had to get out of the house and focus on something else. The more I sat the more I thought about this couple and how their lives had come to a sudden end. I couldn't fathom it or figure out why God would take such a precious couple. But three and a half hours later, I left Brittni's school with my spirit more uplifted and headed home to get ready. 

At two o'clock, I had to meet my family at my Nanny's for a luncheon in honor of my cousins. My cousins live in Italy (Lucky I know! Before that they lived in Hawaii!!!!) and are back in the United States for the next three weeks. Since we don't see them but every few years, Mom decided we should have a get together for them. In all honesty, I'm not sure it was so much for them as it was just having an excuse to have some good southern cooking and an opportunity to entertain! If you're a Southerner you'll understand. haha Anyways, I was excited about seeing my Travis and Alisha and my precious baby cousins who are in reality three and five. But speaking of precious baby cousins, my newest baby cousin was in attendance and I finally got her in my arms.... only to have her stolen by my mom! But here are a few pictures! I never could get a great picture of her face!

By the time the party was over it was time for Kevin to head to work :( I hate when he works Saturdays but he was working overtime so I can't complain. Since I was going to have the house to myself, Brittni and Mandy came over for dinner and a movie. After the day I'd had, I was in need of some good old comfort food and comedy. So we all settled for grilled cheese sandwiches, a bowl of hot stew, and Bridesmaids! By bedtime, I was feeling much better. 

Sunday morning I woke up rejuvenated. God and I had had a long talk and no matter what had happened the day before I had come to terms with it. A former teacher of mine couldn't have expressed how I felt any better so I am going to quote what he said on his facebook, "I don't know why someone's life is cut shorter than others, and when it happens to someone I know this question always arises in my mind. However, there is one thing I do know. {That is} that I see our Father in Heaven's hand in my own life every day and even though I may not understand or know all things. I trust in His plan for all of us". I was determined to have a better day ahead and I succeeded. 

Kevin and I had lunch with my family as always and then afterwards we headed home to prepare for a bangin' Super Bowl Party! It was a blast. The group all came over; in addition to my sister and her family as well as my in-laws. The menu was fabulous. We had hotdogs, chips and ranch dip, chips and salsa, mexican cheese dip, no bake cookies, brownies, and numerous other dishes. I felt like I gained ten pounds when it was over! We did not watch the halftime show. I'm not much of a Madonna fan. Instead, the guys provided our entertainment. However, they kept it PG and just battled it out on the Wii! Here are a few pictures from the night... sorry they aren't too interesting!

This would be the hubby before the Super Bowl! He was exhausted!

Pretty sure Samantha is gonna take after her aunt and be a social networker (:

Hope you ladies had an amazing weekend! It's back to the grind for me!

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