What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving all of the events that February is going to bring!
- Family cookout on February 4th
- Superbowl Sunday on February 5th
- The Vow will be in theaters on February 10th
- Surprise birthday party on February 11th
- Circus with the Hubby on February 12th
- Valentine's Day Party at the Belmont House on February 14th
- My Nannie's 98th birthday on February 14th
- Weekend Getaway in Tennessee on February 17th-20th (yay for TWO teacher workdays!)
- Beach Trip with my best friends on February 24-26th

It's going to be a fun month!

I'm loving this song! If you don't want to listen to it at least go read the lyrics. They are amazing!

I'm loving these quotes! (I found so many new ones that I love on pinterest this week but I'll do you a favor and just post five!)

I'm loving following Not Will Ferrell @ItsWillyFerrell,  TheSingleWoman @TheSingleWoman, and The 90's Life @The90'sLife on Twitter. My best friend, Alyson, introduced me to Not Will Ferrell and The 90's Life and I have loved her more ever since. Not Will Ferrell posts witty, sarcastic, and retarded quotes. When you read them you can't help but laugh. They truly do sound like something that Will Ferrell would say. I love The 90's Life because all of the tweets remind me of my childhood. I can make connections (do I sound like a teacher!) to so many of those tweets and they bring back so many fond memories. I stumbled upon The Single Woman's blog a few months back and fell in love with the author despite that I'm married. She's the real life version of Carrie Bradshaw so if you love Sex and the City like I do, you'll love her too! I started  following her twitter because I'm a quote lover and she posts so many inspiring quotes. If you haven't done so by now... go follow these people right away!

I'm loving that I get to meet the newest member of our family this Saturday. Her name is Peyton Lee Elliot and she was born three weeks ago in Jacksonville, NC. She's going to be making her way down to Reidsville this weekend and I can't wait to get her precious and adorable little self in my arms!

I'm loving this Danielle Nicole Carmen satchel! After eyeing all of Pippa Middleton's classic handbags, I really want one myself. After flipping through hundreds of bags online, I finally decided this one is my favorite. It's $134 at Dillards. I usually don't mind spending this much on a handbag because I carry the same handbag for a year; but the drawback of this bag is the nude color. I love nude because it will go with just about anything. However, it does not go with dirt and dust! And lets face it, softball season is just around the corner and I'll soon be spending four nights a week at Jaycee Park cheering on my hubby and in-laws as they take on one team after another. That is quite alot of time and chances for that gorgeous nude to turn into a grimy gray :( So I've gotten myself into a predicament... Do I get the gorgeous nude bag that took me forever to find and risk it turning color or go on another long hunt for a satchel in another color.? Your advice please!!!

And last but not least, I am loving the movie I saw Sunday night. If you haven't seen it yet, go see Man on a Ledge! It was awesome!!! I highly recommend it. 

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