If I had a Beach House

For the last year, my husband and I have contemplated owning a place at the beach. My cousin currently owns a place that he'd like to sell and we've talked about purchasing it. It would be wonderful to have since I have the summers off and my husband works a 4-on-4-off schedule. We'd be able to use it quite a bit during the summer. However, after the summer is over, it would rarely get used because come Friday afternoon, I am exhausted from a week of teaching and can't imagine jumping in the car and traveling four hours to the beach and then a day and a half later turning back around for another four hour drive! I'd be worn flat out by then! On top of that, we plan on starting a family in the next year or so and I can't see myself traveling to the beach all the time with a newborn!

But despite the fact that I don't see a beach house in my near future, I still can't help pinning a bunch of images on pinterest :P. With today being the true essence of beach weather, i.e. the warm breeze and bright sunshine, I couldn't help but thinking of all of these images so I figured I'd share. If ever I own a beach house, these are some decorating ideas that I love!

I hope these images relax you as much as they do me!

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  1. love all those pics! i always enjoy beach houses/condos that have a light airy feeling. neutrals with splashes of colors! not a fan of those super cheesy beach themes with bright patterns & dolphin decorations everywhere haha


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