Weekend Recap

This weekend I did absolutely nothing and you know what? It felt great! Back in January, my best friends and I had planned to take a trip to the beach this past weekend but having just arrived home from Tennessee four days earlier, I decided I wasn't very anxious to hop in a car and make yet another four hour drive to the beach and come back two days later. On top of that, Olivia is leaving for Disney World on Wednesday so she felt the same way and decided it would be easier to go later so that we all would have more spending money for all of our many shopping adventures! So we postponed our trip for another long weekend.

Usually the group all goes to dinner on Friday nights but because it was Emily's birthday, she and Daniel were going to have dinner with her family so our Friday night ritual was given a detour. Since Kevin was working, I asked Brittni if she wanted to do dinner together. Of course I knew her answer would be yes! So she came by the house around 5:15 and picked me up. We headed back to Eden and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday...only because we were craving their killer salad bar! Which was worth every penny of our meal. After dinner, we headed to Lowes Foods to redbox a movie (and yes, I'm using redbox as a verb!). We decided on "I Don't Know How She Does It". I was unsure if I was going to like the movie or not, but after watching it, I decided I do like it. Though it was extremely hard for me to see Sarah Jessica Parker as a mother after watching EVERY Sex and the City episode. But she played the part well.

Saturday morning, I got up and met Brittni at PG's for breakfast. Following breakfast we headed to Belks to see what new stuff they had in the store. I found these amazing items that will now be on my bargain shopping watch list! A girl can never have too many shoes and dresses...right?

After our trip to Belk, we headed to Extreme Tan to get our tan on. By the time we left it was almost lunch time so I went home and got ready. At 2, I headed to McLeansville to meet Kristy for a day of shopping. We figured if we weren't going to go to the beach this weekend, we could at least get together and make some memories (: Before I arrived at her house, I got a text from her saying she needed to let me know something that was going on before her family told me. A million things were running through my mind when I text her back and said ok. When she replied to my text I about fell over! She informed me she was dating a guy who I told her she should look into dating. Little did I know they'd been talking for over a month and neither of them told me! Ahhh! Little sneaksters! But I was extremely happy. I definitely approve of this guy, as I've known him for probably fifteen years! I'm so happy to finally know she's dating a good guy! This guy (who shall remain anonymous until their dating becomes facebook official.. haha) ended up coming shopping with us at Tanger and shockingly, we had a great time even though a guy was present! haha 

While at Tanger, I only purchased two things...at a store I have at home nonetheless. But regardless, I was proud of my purchases. I bought these two shirts for a total of $15.99 at Rue 21. I can't wait to wear them when it gets a bit warmer!

I didn't get back to Reidsville until around 7 so I decided to head over to my parents house to see what they were doing for dinner. They had planned to go out so Dad asked where I wanted to go. I was craving some good home-cooked vegetables so I chose Sanitary Cafe (again, the name makes it sound pretty bad but it truly is delicious...and cheap), I ordered Kevin a to go plate and took it to his work when I left. I ended up hanging out at Ball for a whole hour since it was Kev's break time when I arrived. When I finally left his work, it was almost 10pm and I was exhausted! 

Sunday morning I got up and got ready for church. We had an amazing service. It's amazing how sometimes the message seems to be aimed directly at you. It was exactly what I needed to hear.  After church, I headed to the parents for our usual family lunch. Then I did the traditional grocery run on the way home. This time though I talked Brittni into coming shopping with me since she needed to do a grocery run too! It's so much more fun to grocery shop with a friend!

When I arrived home from the grocery store on Sunday, I had all the plans to get so much accomplished. I planned to organize my bathroom drawers and counters, sweep all the floors, catch up on laundry, and do a little mopping. You know what I ended up doing? Getting on pinterest for three hours and pinning over a 100 pins! haha It's seriously an addiction! Though you know what, that was the most relaxing three hours I've had all week! Now I've just got to spend the rest of the week completing those chores and making up for that lost time!!!

Hope you ladies had an amazing weekend filled with nothing but pure relaxation!


  1. Hey Sarah!! Thanks for following! Seems we have a lot in common with just getting married and a dog. :) look forward to reading more of your blog! thanks for reading mine!

  2. i'm always so ashamed of myself when i waste hours on pinterest instead of catching up on work! it's literally an addiction. 10 minutes turns into multiple hours REAL fast


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