Back in September, the husband and I purchased the Insanity DVD's to add to our daily workout plan. They were amazing and really showed results fast. However, after a month of working out hardcore with the program, my job got stressful and my workout came to a screeching halt. Since last October, I have tried to get back into doing my Insanity routine but each time I do the routine only lasts for a few days and I stop. Yet, with the thought of bathing suit season being just around the corner, I've got to start getting my work out on ASAP. Last night I decided to start back with the program and it kicked my butt!!! I did not think I'd be able to make it through but thankfully I did a motivational search on Pinterest beforehand and had these great finds to get me through! I figure I'd share...Hopefully they'll help you too!

I want these abs...

And these legs...

And these are the quotes that get me through...

This is what motivates me. What motivates YOU?!

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