Weekend Recap


That's the word I would use to sum up my weekend! It was nothing short of spectacular and let me explain why!

Back in November as I was looking at the school calendar, I noticed that we had two work days back to back. This is a rare occurrence but with our crazy North Carolina weather, these days were positioned this way so that in case of an event of snow, Friday would be a make up day and Monday would be a workday for the end of the six weeks. I knew that I had three annual leave days because the County had given me one for taking my ONLY day off first semester and sending me to a weekend staff development session in Cullowhee and I had received two for donating to the United Way. With these days burning in the back of my mind, I asked the hubstir if he'd like to take a weekend trip to the mountains. He said that would be great so we started looking into cabins. The more I thought about it the more I thought a trip with our family might be fun too, so I messaged everyone and asked them if they'd be interested in going with us and they were all game. So back in November, we booked this sweet cabin! It was complete with a jacuzzi and a home theater!

So last Friday, the day had FINALLY arrived! At 8:15, Kevin and I met Daniel and Emily at R & L and started making our way to the mountains. After a few stops, we finally made it to Pigeon Forge! We knew we couldn't check into our cabin for another three hours so we did what any rational people would do to kill time... We headed to Tanger Five Oaks to do a little shopping! And boy did I have a blast. The stores were having the most amazing sales! Let me share my purchases with you if I may...
J. Crew Trouser Jeans
Originally $69.99     Paid $14.69

Gap Long Sleeve Tee
Originally $21.99       Paid $2.97

Gap Top
Originally $49.99      Paid $7.18

Gap Boot Cut Trousers
Originally $44.99       Paid $13.19

Gap 3/4 sleeve Blazer
Originally $69.99      Paid $21.00

Gap Cardigan
Originally $49.99      Paid $10.19

Gap Sweater
Originally $39.99     Paid $2.97

Yes, I racked up! With deals like those, my hubby did not say one thing about my purchases! haha Anyways, by the time we finished doing some shopping, it was time for us to check in. We headed to Eden Crest, got our information, and then headed to our cabin! When we arrived we were all in awe. It was gorgeous! It was absolutely huge and had every amenity you could want or imagine (minus the indoor swimming pool within the cabin like Kev and I had on our honeymoon). We all unpacked and then decided to head to the Apple Barn for a yummy dinner! Check out all of this food!

This would be Daniel's chicken pot pie!

Kevin's Sugar Cured Ham

My Fried Chicken

Brother-in-law & Future Sister-in-law
 Me & the Hubstir

Here's a few pics of the cabin..
Our room

 Home theater

Living Room

Kitchen & Dining Room

Saturday began with a dance party in our pajamas. Yes, I'm not kidding and I have a picture of Kevin and Samantha dancing to prove it (see below)! It was a blast and we had alot of fun laughing at each other. When the dance party ended we all got ready and headed out to lunch at Chick-fil-a. When we finished eating there, the guys decided they were going to head to the arcade. Us girls didn't care to join so we decided to go out and do some more damage to their bank accounts :P haha And that we did! We shopped till we dropped! By the time we got back home it was almost 5pm and almost time for dinner. We ended up going to Mellow Mushroom for supper. When we returned we did what we did the night before... hit up the jacuzzi and then a movie in the home theater! Here are some pictures from the day...

Sunday morning, we all slept sort of late. We were all exhausted from a late night and to top it off, it was pouring down rain! When we finally all got up, we ate breakfast together and then decided to part ways and do our own things. The hubstir and I decided to go see a movie. We had planned to see Safe House but it started five minutes before we arrived so we purchased tickets to see our next choice... This Means War. I highly recommend it. It was hilarious! We laughed until we cried. I could seriously go pay and watch it again! When the movie ended, we rode around some and then headed back to the house. Kevin and I battled it out in a few games of pool and air hockey and then I left him with the guys while I went and READ! (I'm proud to say I read 2 books while I was away!) By seven, we were all starving and headed out the Old Mill to eat dinner. It was delicious as always and we didn't leave without purchasing two of their famous pecan pies! I also could not leave without taking a picture with the mural.. just like we did on our honeymoon! 

When we left the Old Mill, the snow was falling in huge flakes! It was gorgeous! I was so excited because I was afraid it was just going to rain all day. I have to admit I was a little jealous when I found out it had already snowed three and a half inches at home and it had done nothing but rain in the mountains! My thoughts were that that was just messed up! But despite the snow and the freezing cold temperatures, we decided to be brave and not head back to our cabin. Instead, we all headed to The Tomb. It's an adventure maze in Pigeon Forge. We decided to try it out. It was a ton of fun! You go through several different rooms and have to complete the puzzles to get out of each room. Your goal is to find Pharoah's body in the burial chamber and restore him to his casket. We had a blast! Here's our group after we finished (:

Today, we headed home. The view on our way home was gorgeous! It looked like a winter wonderland from all of the snow the mountains had received the night before! 

And now, I'm curled up in bed next to my little guy who has showered Kevin and I with a million and one kisses. I need to unpack our suitcases and do some laundry but all I want to do is play in the snow with my little guy! And yes, he does love snow!

Hope you ladies all had a *spectacular* weekend as well!!!

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  1. It sounds like the perfect Mountain get-away! You really did rack up on some good purchases!(:


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