Some People Just Don't Like to See Other People Happy

On Thursday afternoon, I had lunch with one of my best friends who happens to be my neighbor. As we were eating, she told me she had to tell me something even though her boyfriend, who is my cousin, told her not to. She told me that someone was telling people that Kevin had cheated on me. Rather than feeling sick to my stomach or getting that heart-dropping-to-your-stomach feeling, I laughed! I said "Aly, when would he have had time?!" She said that was her thoughts exactly and thats why she wanted to tell me. As we talked, we thought maybe the person who had been saying that thought that I didn't know that Kevin had went out with a girl back in September, but I did know that and we weren't dating then so whether he went out or not, it didn't matter. So I told Aly, I'd speak to that person and get it straight.

When I came home that afternoon, I told Kevin what I'd heard. Like me, he was like "whaaaat?!" And he agreed with me, when would he have been able to?! Almost every day that he works, I go to his work and hang out with him on his breaks; as soon as he gets off work, we meet at the y; when we get done working out, we go to dinner and hang out till bed time; the next morning, we do it all over again! And when Kevin is not working, we are always together! It's pretty much been like that since last October or November. So we decided to ask that person about the whole thing. We figured it was just a big misunderstanding because that person wouldn't spread things like that.

After talking to that person and getting to the bottom of the situation, it wasn't shocking to find out that an ex boyfriend of mine started the rumor. I guess he felt like since he'd cheated on me numerous times and I eventually broke up with him because I was tired of it, that I'd break up with Kevin if I suspected he was cheating on me as well. But thats just a theory because I really don't know why he would spread a rumor like that, especially since I haven't spoken to him in 8 months! But its like Kevin's brother's girlfriend once told me, "some people just don't like to see other people happy".

As the rumor goes, Kevin was at a party supposedly "hooking up" with a bunch of girls. First off, Kevin and I spend every weekend together. Secondly, neither one of us party. And thirdly, Kevin doesn't "hook up". So when my ex was spreading these rumors, he should have learned a little bit about Kevin first. But for those people who don't know Kevin, I am sure they've believed him. This is what makes me angry. I do not like when my fiance's reputation is at stake. So for anyone reading this, please know that Kevin has never, isn't, and will never cheat on me. I believe that with all of my heart.

But on a funnier note, as Kevin and I were on the couch cuddling and talking about it all, he gave me a kiss on the top of the head and said "Babe, I promise I will never do anything to hurt you." As soon as he said it, I said "babe, you punch the crap out of me all the time!" (because he does every time he sees a Volkswagen beetle bug!). Without hesitating, he said, "except for that!".... haha This is why I love him. He can always make me laugh (:

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