Cursing: A Sign of Ignorance

Earlier this week, my dad and I were discussing how now days, everyone curses openly like its a normal thing to do. For my dad, this is extremely shocking because my dad was born in 1947 and growing up, he never heard a curse word! But like him, I grew up never hearing curse words either because of how my parents were raised. So I must say, I'm pretty shocked today too when I hear people curse left and right like its no big deal. Its even more shocking to me when I hear young children curse in front of their parents, and then what happens, absolutely nothing! If I'd have cursed in front of my parents when I was their age, oh boy would my butt have been torn up! That was a huge no no in the Moore house and it still is today.

Now don't get me wrong, I'll be the first to admit that in my lifetime, I've cursed before. I'll admit, you really are a product of your environment. Up until high school, I had never uttered a curse word in my life. But my sophomore year, I took a class called Team Sports. There were 34 students in the class; there were 30 boys and 4 of us girls and of us all, 21 of the students were high school seniors. As I quickly discovered, the seniors had no problems dropping curse words like they were going out of style; so naturally, after spending two hours with them a day, I began to pick up on that nasty habit!

Over the past three or four years, I've tried my best to cut back on my cursing. It's a hard habit to break! Every now and then when I drop something or am stressed out to the max and something goes wrong, I find myself saying something I shouldnt and then I have to pray and tell God to help me because I've learned that not only is cursing wrong, but it makes you look ignorant because you can not find the words to express yourself in a decent and adultlike manner. However, in today's society, people would probably argue that that is not true but that is still my personal belief. Therefore, I know that I'm going to do my best to never curse and I'm going to encourage all of my students not to either because when they do, they look ignorant and I don't think they'd want that label stuck to them! At least, I know I don't!

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