I Got to Drive Kevin's Corvette!

Friday night, Kevin, Mike (Kevin's Dad), Kenny (Kevin's uncle), Kayla (Kevin's cousin), and Donnell (Kevin's uncle's girlfriend), and I all went to dinner in Yanceyville at Steaks on the Square. Its this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that Kevin and Mike swore up and down was one of the best restaurants ever. After eating there, I'd have to say, I agree. But I shouldn't have been shocked because usually those little family run, hole-in-the-wall restaurants are the best!

When we were leaving, I jokingly told Kevin he should have let me drove his Corvette home. He stopped and told me if I wanted to I could. I was like "NOOO! I was j/k". So we headed on back home to his house.

We hung out at Kevin's parent's house for a few minutes and left to go to my house. As we were backing out of the driveway I told Kevin I could have drove his car again. So he told me I was going to. I was totally kidding and told him I didn't want to drive it but he said I'd be driving it sometime so might as well go on and do it. So he pulled back in the driveway and got out. Refusing to drive, I tried locking my door. However, I didn't know that if the driver's side door was open, the passenger side wouldn't lock! So Kevin opened my door and made me get out and then I was forced to drive!

As I backed out of the driveway, I was scared to death because if I messed up that car, he'd kill me! But as I began to drive down the road, I wasn't nervous at all. Driving his vette was like driving my old sports car. It was alot of fun! And the best part was I didn't make Kevin nervous at all when I was driving it! I was seriously expecting him to have a heart attack! haha

I know if I wanted to drive his car, he'd let me but I'm thinking that next year when I get a job, I'm going to have to get my OWN Corvette to drive (:

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